Are You in an Ivory Tower?

How do you know?

Hint: It’s where you may feel privately stifled & perhaps, not satisfied.

The ivory tower is where well-worn habits define our choices. Because we’re not curious, we don’t realize that things always change. Our senses keep us aware of our options. Although the gift of life is finite, we always have options.The first response that feels right is gratefulness.

When we do things the way we’ve been doing them for a long time, it’s easy lose perspective. Being dulled by routine, we lose our edge and take things and people for granted. Then, an uncomfortable stillness that feels like aging creeps in.

Our senses are the key to recognizing change and noticing what feels uncomfortable. It’s common sense to realize what’s not working & to stop playing mind games created by habits. Sensual thinking helps us communicate more efficiently to fix what feels uncomfortable. It relaxes our perspective so we see and hear more. Life is easier when we communicate better.

When dealing with demands of 21st century living, ageless intuitive values – like gratitude & dignity – give us an edge. It’s exciting to leave the ivory tower and be in sync with change. Shedding old habits, reconnects with feeling passion for life. Thinking with our senses is a wake-up call. Feeling with our minds points us toward our greatness.

Sensual syncing connects what we value with what we think so we make choices that bring opportunities and comfort. Because habits are automatic, it takes choosing attitudes that are sensual and intuitive values – like courage, dignity and determination – to leave the ivory tower.

We’re multitasking, uber responsible & often stressed so we lose track of inner drive. This feels awful because inner drive is our natural bridge deep connecting with inspiration, passion and momentum. Everyone has inner drive.

If you find yourself walking over the same old ground with the same old fears, you could be in the ivory tower. It’s time to move on. Sometimes that means going around the dark side of the moon to open eyes to what is right here. New technology helps to give us perspective, balance and grace.:

Stay aware. Make life easier by remembering to cultivate gratitude. Using grace with yourself & others is charming because it carries a non-judgmental vibe. Gratitude balances us. It’s where discomfort, stress and frustration are leveled by potential and possibility.  

Experience life sensually. Leave the ivory tower and notice everything change. Trust intuitive attitudes like curiosity, courage and grace to make good choices. Attend a curious#happening for fun! Connect with your sense of purpose and find your inner greatness.

Expand living. Attend Life with the attitude of keeping an open mind.