Good Vibrations


Everything we do is music. .. Everyone is in the best seat. ~John Cage

Good Vibrations relax us. They feel like courage & personal satisfaction. They are soul music we sense that opens our perspective, setting us at ease. Good vibrations lift us to new horizons and pull the future into focus so we clearly find the best seat.

What we sense is not always beautiful, but it is genuine, so we know where we are and where we’re headed. As we navigate change, good vibrations are intuitive transparent filters that connect with natural rhythms in our lives. They are timeless, universal and transparent. Good vibrations, like courage, dignity, self-discipline, patience and grace, are attitudes that guard and guide us with no compromise, but endless options. It’s relaxing because boundaries & priorities are clear.

A long time ago music was considered serious and holy. It was used to lift and purify feelings.  Music is still a bridge to good vibrations for us today. Thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds brings confidence and harmony to our lives. We all want the best seat. Dignified choices bring us the best view and make Life good.

Intuitive global values are attitudes that touch our deepest passions. They are good vibes that ground us and keep us secure. When we’re in rhythm with change, we feel relaxed. It’s time to be comfortable.

We’re introducing the celebration of good vibrations with Curious#Happenings to unite us as we enter a new Humanitarian Age of collaboration and creativity for the greater good. The #Happening is a blend of creativity, technology & intuitive thinking designed to shift the moral compass. We are inviting a revolution of values to inspire creativity & community. Great music makes it simple.

As we talk less and sense more, we know ourselves better, heighten our 5 senses & naturally tune-in to the nitty-gritty to go with the flow when faced with dilemmas. It’s supposed to be easy to make clear choices that take relationships to the next level. Sensual thinking relaxes our mind & body. Good vibrations make it simple to have deeper intimacy. Life is good. Intuitive values are good vibes we have in common that keep us balanced, relaxed & in control.

Sensual thinking an inner connection everyone is born with. Like sound waves, we can’t see good vibrations, but we get the message. We’re ready to ride the wave of change & land on our feet. Best of all, we can bring friends & family along.


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