Change.  It’s time to upgrade our thinking.

Change is ‘showtime’. Be in rhythm with change.

Change is constant. Now is always slippery. They say everything changes except death and taxes. We are very alive. Sensual syncing is our secure hold on what’s happening. We eat, drink, breathe & smell life differently by noticing what we notice.

Life is always evolving. The secret is  sensing rhythm. Rhythm is timing. Good timing brings us, our next big idea. Rhythms of technological innovation, personal needs and social pressures impact everything we do. By tuning-in with our senses and our values, we’re thinking differently.

Life is ‘show time’. We are each the Star of our own show. It’s already in progress. Stay aware of center stage by what you sense & letting intuitive gut values point to the comfort zones of balance and hope.

Dancing with rhythms of change and rolling with punches of roadblocks keeps us in touch with our passions.  It’s organic to tune-in to needs and opportunities with our eyes, ears, mouth, nose and heart. We only sense the immediate so change is actually opportunity to be our highest self. With natural intuitive filters of dignity, courage, curiosity and patience we have a shield from poor choices. Intuitive thinking keeps important and personal priorities clear while the world changes around us. Sensual syncing is the direct way to collaborate and communicate that brings out the best of who we are.

Ignoring change is impossible.  Like waves in the ocean, Life is inevitable momentum and impossible to fight.  We naturally find our rhythm by talking less and sensing more. Since our ears favor no particular point of view, it makes sense to keep an open mind. 

Sensual thinking manages the chaos of living by generating a fresh perspective. We feel in sync with ourselves and our world. Sensual thinking brings personal satisfaction. Start with the man in the mirror & change the world.

Check out how Neil Pasricha stays in sync with change: 3 A’s of awesome: attitude, awareness & authenticity.  He’s looking at the man in the mirror.