Thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds is something we already do. 

Sensual Thinking is a natural way we expand our minds through what we experience.

We stay in sync with momentum in our lives by talking less and sensing more.

It’s natural to sense where we stand, what we want, what we need & what to avoid.

The truth is sensual thinking is an idea whose time has come.

Sensual thinking is as simple as it sounds. With a bigger perspective, decisions are smarter. We tune into what’s going on because what we sense is transparent. Sensual thinking is not intellectual, because everything we sense is physical. Thinking with our senses and feeling with our mind connects momentum and balance in our lives and our world. It’s an unexpected energy boost.

With sensual syncing, there are no judgment calls or rules. There is the simplicity of what we sense, the honesty of what we feel and the anchor of what we know from experience. Sensual thinking is the automatic and continuous way we understand ourselves, each other and meaning in our lives. 

Every day, our senses are “alive” buttons turned on & tuned-in to bring current priorities & personal boundaries into focus. Thinking with our senses is the automatic, ‘feel good’, way to access a meaningful perspective for best quality of living. Sensual thinking connects with personal purpose. Feeling with our minds guides us to make smart snap and long-term decisions. Importantly, we have more time to relax. Being in step with change is liberating.

Thanks to computer technology, we are becoming a world of sensual thinkers. We’re tuning-in with touch, looking closer and listening more efficiently. It’s exciting. Our senses keep us engaged with the present; while choices, based on global values, are more deliberate and rewarding. Today, there is a new respect for wisdom.

Intuitive, sensual decisions are consistently refreshing, relevant and practical. Depending on our senses, while feeling with our minds, easily keeps us in rhythm with momentum and unexpected change in daily living. We feel our groove. It’s energizing and we think more efficiently. We become who we are meant to be without losing touch with who we are.

What we see, hear, taste, touch and smell, naturally suggests answers & reveals solutions that work. We naturally sensually sync to tune-in to unspoken attitudes. Importantly, this fine-tunes our drive so we connect with our passions. Imagine knowing what to do by scent, or understanding love with music, or working more effectively with your eyes closed. Imagine recognizing your sense of truth & having access to courage or dignity 24/7.

Everyone is born with this automatic intuitive connection. It guides us to stay excited, comfortable and vibrant. Sensual living is a collaboration of innovation with experience that maintains a powerful sense of balance. We keep aware of the bigger, more creative perspective of our lives. Dealing with ‘things’ is less stressful when the big picture is clear because we can see alternatives. Recognizing our sense of purpose brings satisfaction, perspective and patience that is powerful.

Intuitive global values like Dignity, Courage, Curiosity, are what we have in common. Everyone feels them and they are recognized intellectually by every culture in the world. Global values create attitudes we communicate easily and effectively to move our lives and our world forward. Recognizing core intuitive values is how we can balance human ingenuity with advantages of computer technology to discover new solutions for old problems.

It takes an open mind to create change. It’s a commitment to fully living. Sensual living happens when we choose to see what’s in front of us, hear what’s being said, taste bitterness as well as sweetness and accept responsibility for our choices. Without this, we are zombies with no real sense of self.

By thinking with our senses & feeling with our minds, we connect with our bodies differently. This opens our minds differently and we respond easily with innovative, constructive thinking for ourselves and the greater good. Global guidelines are filters that refine our perspective, so that things commonly overlooked or taken for granted, become clear, observant intakes of reality that keep Life vibrant. It’s access to the big picture to keep goals in sight. Sensual thinking is an amazing transparent way to access answers we can trust. It is a reality check.

“All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

When you use curiosity, you are feeling with your mind. Here’s a man who used sensual thinking to find a new solution for trash and for energy! He’s thinking outside the box and on the way he’s stimulating young minds and working hard share something good.

Sensual thinking is a collaboration of the senses, technology & global / universal values with the heart. It reveals feelings of purpose. Like the Japanese man in the video above, we stay in step with change.

We are creating a series of edu-tainment events called Curious#Happening with live music, style, sensorium, technology & surprises to give the experience of intuitive, sensual living. You will leave with a refreshed way to think & a new feeling of balance and connection in your life.

Innovative technology constantly changes the way we make sense of things. It’s global and it’s put us in the habit of expecting change. Technology-driven and value guided, sensual living tunes us into the power of world community, working together for the greater good, like never before.

It’s exciting to be in sync with change. Change agents are leaders by example & destiny. People everywhere in your life are looking for direction. Choose to think sensually and intuitively to find new enduring solutions for old problems, and you will.

Steve Jobs famously said: “Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

Think with your senses. Feel with your mind. Discover what you’re looking for. What you do is your choice. Make it count.