Technology uncensored is innovation. It’s a partnership with change.

Sensual Thinking : An open mind guided by intuitive universal values sees no limits.

Technology today is innovation uncensored. It’s making us smarter, more efficient & capable of creating great changes in our world. Transparent thinking opens doorways in our minds to sensual thinking. We become more genuine. We can’t buy happiness, but we can maintain a 360 perspective that upgrades our lifestyle 24/7.

Technology & ageless universal values working together is thinking outside of the box – without breaking the box. Technology connects us with the big picture, while universal values keep our decisions pointed at who we are & where we want to go. It’s 2 halves of a whole. We can connect what we feel to be right, with what we know to be true, and it feels good. By thinking differently, we can balance human ingenuity with advantages of computer technology to discover new solutions for old problems.

Using technology to communicate or learn connects with our natural sensuality. Touch becomes a point of focus and we are more efficient. We are using our eyes to see exactly what’s on the screen and take less for granted. Our senses open doors that reconnect with natural creative energy of curiosity to find new solutions. Sensual thinking is cool. Technology sharpens our senses and teaching a new way to think.

Texting is a direct connection with sensual thinking. It makes us smarter by bringing us mind to mind. Focusing with our eyes, mind & fingertips simultaneously is pure meditation. It keeps us in the moment. There is no hesitation, only clarity. This is power.

As we text, skipping social banter & outdated formalities – without boundaries but with values for guides, we are intimate, instant & clear spontaneously. We stay on top of priorities & get answers. This is being extraordinarily responsible – smarter choices because we feel balance.

Balance is wisdom & comfort. Mind to mind keeps us more responsible & also heightens pleasure & intimacy. It’s important is to stay clear 360°, balancing responsibility with love, pleasure, forgetting cares & enjoying sensuality. Without balance, we lose our perspective. Constant updates, both mental & through innovative technology keep perspective in check.

Sensual thinking is the natural evolution of 21st century thinking. It releases stress by creating a natural, bigger perspective that is comforting, self-protective & empowering. The big picture stays clear and so does what’s right in front of us.

Innovative technology is a partnership with change. The connection between change in the 60’s & change now cannot be denied. It’s exciting.  It’s time to take those dreams to the next level.  Universal values are the new contemporary. Ultimately, combining experience with innovation can create enduring social change in our world.

Flexible transparent touchscreen concepts made with Graphene

The fact is we are the world. What’s “in” embracing change for me is what’s in it for us. This is a time of connection & collaboration. Texting is the beginning of the evolution of mind to mind understanding, collaboration & effective communication. Innovative technology is sensual & liberating. It. feels good. Check out google glass !

MIT has a media lab and program for  thinking outside the box.