Lack of loyalty causes failure in every walk of life. ~ Napoleon Hill

Being true to our selves is in a class of its own. Loyalty is something you feel. It’s the golden handrail to happiness, a fact of personal & professional success. What we each do, matters. Be deeply loyal to what you believe and you can do anything.

Being loyal connects with natural enthusiasm  and what we sense is truth in our lives. Loyalty feels good because it reinforces awareness, confidence, determination and heart. Be loyal to yourself.

We are driven to make our world better when we’re loyal to ourselves. We’re loyal to sports teams, products and people, because being loyal makes us happy. It’s easy. Being loyal connects us with dignity.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King’s faith in his sense of truth inspires us to feel loyal to ours. Loyalty connects with courage that is easy to recognize. Loyalty feels like ‘being connected’. With sensual thinking, we experience being deeply loyal to ourselves through intuitive universal values.  Because loyalty is at the center of self-respect & dignity, we feel royal.

Being loyal to what is true means we build our future from a big picture perspective and stop repeating injustices of the past. Using determination to see the big picture with our senses & feel it with our minds, is a guaranteed lifeline to personal stability, satisfaction & success. Loyalty is powerful. It is our connection with character.

Loyalty exists outside the box of logic and finds its home in our hearts. The part of our brains that controls decision-making doesn’t control language which is why words don’t always make sense. We feel our wisest choices. We feel loyal. Loyalty to what we think with our senses & feel with our minds turns the key for unlocking frustration and opening communication. When you trust that feeling, you trust yourself.

Sensing solutions.

Ultimately, it takes courage to be loyal. It takes courage to think differently and organize a definite plan of action. Sensual Thinking is our intuitive tool for recognizing new solutions for old problems. With curiosity, dignity and foresight, we see the bigger picture and remain true to ourselves. Think with your senses and you are tuned to the present. Feel with your mind and you have perspective. Be loyal to what you feel. We are all part of the solution.