Intuitive Global Values

Intuitive Global Values
are attitudes that touch our deepest passions.

“Intuitive communication is the universal language that sets guidelines for electronic collaboration. Sensual thinking is bringing a new version of the status quo. This doesn’t change who we are, but it is changing how we deal with change.” ~ JB

Curiosity, courage and dignity are guidelines for our new Humanitarian Age

HeartOfClematis2We’re done with 20th century thinking. People feel stuck, not because they’re doing anything wrong, but because it’s time to think differently. Intuitive global values are tools that we feel, and recognize as attitude.

Sensual thinking is a connection with character that is bringing a new level of transparency to our communication. There is a kind of grace that is tuned-in to character, and a determined sense of obligation that is simply: to do what feels right.

Intuitive thinking is holistic communication. It is a natural mind/body/spirit/soul connection that creates personalized inner balance so you discover your potential. Thinking intuitively taps-in to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual stamina needed in order to evolve. Sensual syncing is an experience, not a conversation. It can be as simple as eye contact. Iconic intuitive tools are physical. We feel them but cannot think them. For example, right now you are using the intuitive tool: curiosity, which is: being open to the unexpected. Your attitude is curious.

We don’t have to know each other to connect with attitude. Sensual syncing is automatic. No matter what the words are, if our attitude is arrogant, angry or apathetic, it turns people off. If we are dignified, curious, courageous or patient, there is respect and there is no language barrier.

Intuition is not intellectual and it holds no emotional charge. For each of us, intuition is an immediate cellular connection with iconic wisdom that serves our lives. Iconic intuitive wisdom includes intuitive tools like Dignity, Courage, Patience, Curiosity and Tenacity. All of these are values that transcend cultures, generations, dogma and time.

Intuitive values work like always-present filters to wisely navigate change because they connect with natural rhythms in our lives and our world. We recognize them as iconic wisdom. They are tools that are transparent and intuitive. Everyone has immediate access. Intuitive values are physical.

For example, you may feel determination, courage or curiosity. These are not intellectual because you cannot “think” them. Instead you feel them with your mind. Feeling what is right is sensual thinking. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind is the natural way of understanding yourself and healthy, evolutionary change in our world.

Having safe guidelines to make decisions you can trust is priceless. Intuitive global values connect with inner stability that safely leads to effectively achieving personal satisfaction. They are the way you naturally access self-respect and personal freedom.

Courage :  Curiosity :  Dignity :  Determination :  Prudence :  Patience :  Tenacity :  Self-discipline :  Foresight :  Grace are values we recognize without words. We feel these with our minds and hearts and communicate them with attitude.

Like the worldwide web, intuitive values are understood & trusted by every culture in the world. They are a iconic wisdom and a solid foundation for transparent communicating without cultural or age barriers. Global values inspire productive collaboration personally and for the greater good.

Because the iconic wisdom of intuitive values is ‘universal’, we’re comfortable reaching out to collaborate, communicate and create enduring change for the greater good. This is a new Humanitarian age.

Life is not about what you think; it’s about what you feel. Iconic wisdom is the foundation of self-respect. Sensual Thinking promotes creativity we call “thinking outside the box”. In this way, intuitive global values create opportunities to achieve your dreams.

Everybody feels change. Intuitive tools form a protective handrail of transparent and effective communication that steadies forward momentum.

Thinking with dignity comes from the heart. Reasoning with prudence & foresight is using experience as a guide. Making decisions with grace or patience is trusting our gut. These are skills that bode well for the present and the future.
Today is a time for collaboration, not isolation.  The power of thinking differently recharges momentum, connection & community.

We’re creating edu-tainment events with great music, magic &  sensual surprises designed to give the experience of thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind. These cool happenings will help usher in our new global Humanitarian Age.

Change is always a fresh perspective. Be refreshed. Live out loud, guided by your truth & be high on the gift of being alive. Communicate with global values and make new connections. Every day holds beginnings.




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