It’s easy to use more of your brain.

Feeling with your mind connects with passions driven by what you value at your tenderest core. These hold a vital place for quality of life and are the way to use your brain fully. It’s simple!

Intuitive sensual thinking lights-up your brain.

Feel with your mind. Take advantage of your whole brain. Use all brain power by feeling courage, dignity, curiosity or patience when you make decisions. Don’t think about it, just do it. Think with your senses. Notice what you see, listen to what you hear and feel what you touch.

Scientists say we use only 20% of our brain. That’s not good. It’s probably a reason we feel so stressed. Intellectual ‘thinking’ covers only a small amount of brain activity. Today, it’s time to think less, feel more and do better!

It’s easy to combine the simplicity of what you sense, the honesty of what you feel with your mind and the anchor of what you know from experience to expand your brain power.

Stress is often caused by thinking in terms of limits. For example, “not enough time, money, connections, sleep, food, clothes etc”. Stress is a lock-down of  perspective. Using more brain power by thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind automatically unlocks stress and reveals options.

Thinking” without noticing what we sense is like being all dressed-up with no place to go. Sensual syncing keeps us on track and show protective boundaries we need to go in the direction to feel good, to find the door, open a window, answer the call, meet the right person or begin the journey. Global intuitive values like courage, determination, patience or dignity, have boundaries but no limits.They are very real brain-food that lights-up life in a way that guides and unites us. Very cool.

Experience teaches that emotions do not always guide best decisions or get desired results. The reason why is because emotional thinking is a response to conditioning or habits. Habits and conditioning are not part of active thinking or in sync with change in your life. Intuitive values you feel with your mind relax and guide decisions that fulfill self-identity and personal purpose.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain.

Sensing is juicy, it’s tasty. Thinking is dry, it’s black and white. Living well requires us to taste our dreams, inhale our desires and roll with our moments. If you feel jammed then it may be a result of over thinking. Imagine your brain is a sponge that is dried up by thinking and that it will expand with moisture of what you sense.

Develop brain power by connecting with your sense humor, your sense of joy and your sense of purpose. Talking less and sensing more is a wake-up call. No matter where you live or what you believe, sensual thinking expands your brain. Respect and protect yourself. Be intuitive.

Sensual syncing is how we understand ourselves and connect best with each other. When we feel/think with our mind, we understand who we are. It feels good to touch truth in our lives. It’s time to get the message, connect with each other and destiny.

Think with your senses; feel with your mind. Imagine your options.

Think with your senses; feel with your mind. Imagine your options.