Feeling Gratitude is a celebration of Life.

Gratitude is sensual thinking that keeps the big picture clear, so we can relax.

As soon as we open our eyes in the morning, it’s good to listen to the music of life and feel gratitude. Life is zany and reaches us 24/7 wherever we turn, so let’s celebrate living! In our hearts, the music is courage and forgiveness. Forgiveness is cash that pays tolls on the bridge of life. Feeling gratitude is a habit that keeps us clear about our small role in the big picture of being alive. We feel glad, humble and excited.

Be grateful for colors, sounds, tastes and touches. Celebrate the outrageous humor and magic of being human. Celebrate the mundane and the delicious. Celebrate the exquisite joy of waking up to a new day. Every day, connect with attitudes of curiosity and courage, and remember to breathe.

Gratitude is physical. We feel it; we don’t think it. Gratitude is an attitude that keeps the big picture clear and helps us relax. It feels good. Feeling grateful literally protects us by establishing boundaries we can sense and relate to, like patience and self-discipline. It helps us know ourselves better. We connect with feelings of safety and passion.

Most important, we keep in sync with each other. Relationships improve. Everyone can sense dignity and can relate to courage.The better we relate to each other, the more we have to celebrate!

Scientific findings link gratitude to increased optimism, stress reduction and a better night’s sleep. Feeling grateful, feels good. This intuitive attitude is powerful. It’s easy to recognize and share. Whether experienced as a smile, a ‘thank-you’ or eye contact, gratitude is always appreciated. Showing gratitude strengthens personal bonds between us and is good for business. The attitude of gratitude¬† is a sensual celebration that never goes out of fashion.

Stay safe and passionate. Be grateful and celebrate!