Choices connect us with destiny.

Timing is important. Our time is now.

Choices we make based on how we think today, will bring a new quality of living for us and our planet tomorrow. Make the choice to be plugged-in to what is genuine. Be bold. Be curious. Talk less, sense more.

A ‘Happening’ is a great, big multimedia party with a theme, where people come to experience the message. Life is a ‘happening’ where we are always making choices. When we connect with a feeling of purpose, we discover the message.

Destiny is the word given to life purpose. Everyone is born with destiny. We feel it when we’re in sync with rhythms of Life. Everything is changing in our world very quickly. As we jump hurdles of earning a living, navigating new avenues of technology and trying to live with good quality personal time, it’s hard to know what’s best because there is so much misleading information thrown at us.

Still, we have to make choices. Sensual thinking lights the road of living with valuable signs that we can depend on to be clear. These are attitudes that guide smart choices. Dignity is an attitude of self-respect. Curiosity is an attitude of being open to the unexpected.  Sensual thinking is attitude that connects with intuitive global values.

When we think with our senses, it’s natural to feel choices that are good or not along the personal highway called Fate. As we feel with our minds, we know which direction to choose to connect with purpose. We know what feels right. Today, tuning into sensual thinking is resetting the moral compass. It is connecting us with what is genuine, which feels good.

Staying with an attitude of dignity along the rocky road of fate, is a green light to satisfaction. Choices, guided by intuitive attitudes, strengthen our sense of destiny and feelings of purpose. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind is exciting in a very personal way.

Get attitude. The Curious#Happening is a magical mystery tour of time, space and what we sense. It’s a reality check that is sexy in every mundane and provocative way. Share your curiosity to experience the excitement. Talk about the Curious#Happening. It’s where music is the muse & surprise sensory experiences expand the vibrations.

Time is merging the best of 2 worlds – the innovation of technology with the wisdom of being human – for the benefit of all. The Curious#Happenings are sensual thinking keeping us in step with destiny.

Sensual thinkers have attitude. Talk less, sense more.

Sensual Thinking is not intellectual. It’s attitude. Spread it.


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