Sensual Syncing & Passion

Passion is something money can’t buy.

When sensually in sync, we feel enthusiasm that touches our whole beings, and we peak. Sensual syncing is how to connect with passion. It’s priceless.

Did you ever notice an attitude that made you feel welcome? or that made you want to leave? Sensual thinking takes into consideration, that feeling attitude – is part of the conversation. It’s a more direct way to connect because we say it with our eyes and hear it with our hearts. It’s more genuine than talking because words are confusing.

Sensual syncing is personal harmony that feels like gentle, vibrant, connection. We sync all the time, but don’t notice. Eye contact is an obvious example, while we’re eating is another, making love, during prayer, playing sports – the list is endless. It’s automatic.

Thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds is as vital to living, as air. Syncing with our senses is like air because we don’t see, taste or think it, but can’t live without it. Our senses are direct access to passion and dreams. We need both to live fully.

Universal values are attitudes we feel with our minds that guide us to our deepest passions. Universal values include dignity, curiosity and courage. Whether we’re dreaming about love or making a million dollars, we need dignity, curiosity and courage to succeed. Sensual thinking is living the whole package to stay in sync with our passions. Sensual thinkers have attitude.

Music is an international way of communicating and sensual syncing. The caress of the right sound goes just under your skin. Music works a kind of intimate magic. It’s personal, or we can share it.

Sensual thinking guides passions to bloom. For example, being curious, we notice more. When we stay curious and aware, air we breathe is music, poetry,  passion, even protection and prayer, that connects us. When we connect, it’s sensual. We may not always like it, but we always feel it.

 Everyone knows music revs enthusiasm, unites our spirits and can clear our heads. Sometimes it sets a mood, but not always. Because your senses access your passion to live, you can pump up the volume of your moments and reset the rhythm of moods with sensual syncing.

Whatever your mood, what you sense through music is a massage of your spirit that sets the stage for your moments. Whether we stay awake, go to sleep, make love, dance or relax, it’s rhythm. Even being productive is a rhythm and mood.

Music is a sensual link to passion and peace. Around the world, we dance and sing to celebrate, communicate, seduce, pacify or simply set the stage for dreams and desires.

Good poetry, like music is sensual syncing. We feel the connection emotionally, sensually and with our minds. Enjoy:

Good poetry
Makes a beautiful naked woman
Materialize from

 Who then says,
With a sword precariously waving in her hands,
“If you look at my loins
I will cut off your head,

And reach down and grab your spirit
By it’s private parts,

 And carry you off to heaven
Squealing with joy.”

Hafiz says, That sounds wonderful, just Wonderful.
Someone please – start writing some great lines.
Hafiz, Persian poetry, 14th century