Courage an intimate part of what turns us on and keeps us connected.

Courage is a global value that is a kind of intuitive glue that permeates our lives. It holds us together when times get rough. We find courage at the center of great communication and contentment. In crisis, we find it unexpectedly. An attitude of courage is the natural way to take advantage of change. It is how to maintain open connections and momentum in business and in personal relationships. Courage gives us vision and a sense of possibility. It comes from a solid place of knowing what’s right.

Everyone is born with intuition. You can ignore it all your life, but it’s there. While you can think brave thoughts, the act of experiencing courage, of saying what you mean & meaning what you say, is a physical commitment to your truth. Courage is an ageless intuitive value guide that we feel clearly with our body.

Courage is a physical nudge you sense intuitively. It is a natural sense of possibility, responsibility and potential that feels like enthusiasm with backbone.

Thinking with our senses & feeling with our minds keeps us in tune with courage, dignity, self-discipline & success. Every day, we are being dared to be what we believe. Global intuitive values apply in every situation. We only need to take the risk of using them, to see how effectively they work.

It takes courage to be loyal to yourself. You will discover that the way you are with yourself is mirrored by every relationship in your life. 

Have you ever made a decision, & when you look back on it, you get the “what if” sensation.When we ignore what we sense, we put a lid on our courage. Courage is our virtual lifeline. It is said that how things are in the world is a reflection of the accumulated effort of people, to follow the good within themselves. How are you doing?

Your inner voice is the Fountain of Youth that keeps you vibrant and present. Don’t be afraid to drink from it. Trust your truth & let it flow when you speak out loud & when you speak to yourself. Things will start to make more sense & you will accomplish more in less time. It’s easy because sensual thinking comes with breathing room.