Innocence speaks the language of the naked truth.

Sensual living is bold. It is an exciting walk on the wild side of your innocence.

It’s easy see rhythm of commitment and focus in the eyes of babes. Children see with fresh eyes and pure hearts. A profound respect for what feels right is coded with wonder and always new within them. They never give up. We see this as innocence. Thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds reconnects us with this rush.

The truth has a habit of feeling good. Innocence is hardwired to truth. Growing up, we learn a lot about uncompromising honesty and about its costs, which are not always pleasant. We begin life with curiosity and innocence visible in our eyes. For everyone, innocence collides with hard reality. Amazingly, we mostly bounce back into the shine of what feels good and true.

Every generation speaks its own language. To hear what children are saying, listen with an open mind. I learn from everyone. Keeping humble, I am renewed and reminded to keep it real. Children keep me laughing.

Children’s innocence teaches us 3 things:

  • to be happy for no reason,
  • to always be busy with something,
  • and to know how to demand with all our heart that which we desire. ~ Paulo Coelho

We know from experience that every innocence has its wild side. The wild side of innocence is a bold commitment to inner passion. F.Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “I don’t want to repeat my innocence, I want the pleasure of losing it again.” 

Innocence is a confidence we’re born with and visit throughout our lives. It is a private, inner free-zone that connects with our dreams. Every person is born with a dream. Stay in touch with yours. Never give up.

Sensual living is a bold, exciting walk on the wild side and a touchstone with your innocence. Notice what you sense. When faced with a decision, feel dignity, patience and courage. You will recognize inner certainty, perhaps passion, like starlight in your veins. It’s uplifting to feel natural connection with truth.

While your sense of wonder may get buried under experience, you never lose access to pure innocence because it is part of courage. Go for your dreams. Keep an open mind and be wildly, wisely innocent. Enjoy your life. Sense more.

He who realizes his innocence needs no excuses. ~ George Sand

The Pretenders “Show Me”

Loss of Innocence... Do kids have a better perpective of Life?Choose to live with your own, inner, wild innocence.

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