The right attitude is personal power.  Sensual thinkers have attitude.

Attitude is something we say with our eyes and hear with our hearts.

We are taught to think that life is what we think it is, but everyone over the age of 12 knows that life is full of the unthinkable and the unexpected. Life is not about what we think; it’s about what we feel. Besides emotions, we feel attitude. Attitude can make us afraid or joyous. It’s always the unspoken part of the conversation. Tuning into attitude is sensual syncing. It’s a natural way we communicate all the time.  

Attitude isn’t always personal. We don’t have to know each other to be able to connect with attitude. Sensual syncing is automatic. No matter what the words are, if our attitude is arrogant, angry or apathetic, it turns people off. If we are dignified, curious, courageous or patient, there is respect and there is no language barrier.

Global values are timeless attitudes that connect with character, charisma and choice. They can’t be faked. They are the most profound passions we feel with our minds. They come through us as attitudes of courage, curiosity, dignity, determination, self-discipline, prudence, patience, tenacity, foresight and grace. These guidelines are always in sync with change because integrity has no need for rules. Intuitive global values set boundaries that keep us safely balanced, so we communicate without offending, and make choices we won’t later regret. This kind of attitude is invisible body armor that keeps us open to possibilities, while protecting our decisions.

Having an attitude we can trust, to achieve what we want, is priceless. Intuitive global values are exclusive guidelines for personal success that every person recognizes. We call these attitudes values because they give Life meaning.

Sensual thinking is feeling with our minds to get a 360° view of where we’re going. It’s an attitude of being in sync with change that hooks us up with the joyride of momentum. Thinking with our senses keeps us in touch with our physical world; global attitudes we feel with our minds filter how we respond to what we sense.

“All over the world there are answers, desperately searching for the right questions.” ~James Miller

Whether we’re dreaming about love or making a million dollars, we need dignity, curiosity and courage to succeed. We can find what we’re looking for. Sensual thinking is living the whole package to stay in sync with our passions. As you learn to think with your senses and feel with your mind, it’s easy.