photo by Simon Mathe

photo by Simon Mathe

Perspective flirts by suggesting the unexpected.

It watches our backs when times are tough.

What you sense teases open your perspective.

Sensual Thinking is natural perspective with an easy open mind. Tuning in connects with personal power of perspective that feels like comfort, courage or passion. Feel the tease. Notice what you notice.

With the gift of perspective, sensual thinking keeps us in sync with change. We have freedom to focus on doing, not on thinking. Instead of getting bogged down with details, we recognize how the details come together. We see, hear, taste, touch and smell more. Our choices serve us better. We have more energy to enjoy living. It’s liberating and exciting. Perspective is power.

Sensual syncing reminds us that if it doesn’t feel right, it’s wrong. Thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds brings perspective by connecting what we sense with what we value so we remember the big picture. It reveals who we are, what we want and what we need.

When life takes a walk on the wild side, perspective is a nugget of tranquility that brings us choices we can count on.

A closed mind is the source of a lot of suffering. Sometimes all we have to do to see the light is open our eyes. Sometimes enjoying music helps us shift forward. We relax and connect with balance and patience. We find the security of perspective.

Imagine realizing you already have what you are looking for. An intuitive perspective answers unspoken questions stored in the back of our minds. Seeing the big picture while knowing exactly where we are is like being in two places at once. We know ourselves and our limits better. It’s a big advantage.

Life is full of the unplanned and unexpected. Experience that is hard, forms a scar tissue of limits on our spirit. Perspective heals us by pushing open the small door of the improbable so we reconnect with the humor and ease of living. Try it. Talk less, sense more.


Simon Waruru Mathe (photographer) lives in Kenya where he struggles with the ignorance and frustration of tribalism*. He believes that Sensual Thinking helps. Thank you, Simon! Around the world we are fighting a war against tribalism. Thought (r)evolution with intuitive values is our global blood bank. Sensual thinking is a collective moral force bringing us into the new Humanitarian Age

*FYI: Tribalism is closed-minded group behavior that depends on strong negative feelings towards people outside the group to feel valid. Wherever it exists, tribalism is founded on prejudice and arrogance. There is no acknowledgment of humanity in others.