is right under your skin.

Be in tune with your own buzz. That’s what makes you original and successful. not go to infinity and beyond?

Tuning into buzz is responding to what’s right under your skin. Everything you sense reveals your inner energy and awareness of change. Buzz is energy of momentum and potential. We’re surrounded by it. Sensual thinking taps in to buzz by transparently keeping in sync with change. Your six senses link with the present and intuitive values guide understanding and momentum.

Take action that links with what you love and need – and trust your private buzz of courage. It’s your inner connection with success. Use and feel attitudes of dignity, determination and curiosity  to recognize and maintain the energy of your edge.

Have fun. Humor is buzz  in sync with timing. It realigns your point of view. Unexpected punchlines bring the tipping point of laughter. Life is full of punchlines. Laugh more. Being too serious causes malfunctions.

When you feel something under your skin, don’t ignore it. What you’re feeling is your unique buzz. Attitude and character are right under your skin. It gets stronger as your passions plug in to the power of global values. Tune-in with sensual thinking to access your edge. Smile more.

Everything you sense gently updates 24/7. Light changes constantly, so does sound. The way your heart is beating now will be different in a minute. You are amazing. Sensual thinking rides and guides currents of change in your life. Be in-tune with change to stay in step with good timing and make choices that lead to success. Use your power.

Success is not about how smart you are. It’s about being receptive to what you sense. Fine-tune your senses by noticing what’s right under your skin. Notice what you notice. Answers that make your heart sing are tattooed on your DNA. Fine-tune good timing by being true to yourself.

Imagine how much is just under your skin. Attitude and character are the stuff that connect you with your place in life.  Destiny is not determined by fate, it is choices that connect you with destiny. Sync, buzz and feel good.