We look in the mirror and what do we see?

Sensual thinking is a private experience. We all do it the same way.  

Relax and check-in with your body.

Connect with intimate power. Notice Your Posture.

When we notice what we see, our eyes let in more than light – they power our choices. We see more than we realize when we look in the mirror.

With our senses, we find our greatness. Sensual thinking over-rides emotions that focus us on unhealthy decisions.  Practice this authentic, simple way to use your eyes to tune-in to beneficial priorities. When we notice what we see, we are ‘thinking’ with our eyes.

Look at yourself in the mirror and notice what you sense. Begin thinking with your eyes: Where does your body hold tension? We hold tension caused by stress in different places. I hold it in my stomach. Stress leads to poor health. Use your eyes to tell where you hold stress. Then, while you look in the mirror, focus on easing that part of your body. It can be your face.

  • Look in the mirror and notice how you’re standing. Posture says a lot.
  • Relax and check-in with your body. Feel your body with your eyes. Notice:
    • Where are your shoulders?
      • They should be lower. When our shoulders are relaxed, our heart is comfortable. It’s easier to think clearly.
  • How does your neck feel? 
    • Gently, tilt your head back, then forward. 
    • Gently lean your ears toward your shoulders.
  • Be patient with yourself. 
    • Appreciate your effort to be the best you can be.
    • Decide to be kind to yourself every time you look in the mirror.
  • It’s natural to tap into strength we recognize intuitively. 
    • Identify with someone you admire, who makes good decisions, in stressful moments like James Bond, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Mother Teresa, MLK, Nelson Mandela –  Any personal or super hero is good.
    • This is feeling with your mind : It feels good to think about this person.

Connect with your private dignity when looking in the mirror. A dignified attitude is a stress buster that brings the big picture into focus. It refreshes priorities and relaxes us.

Sometimes we look into our eyes and space out at the mirror. Or we look with a critical attitude and lose perspective, so that tension laced emotional buttons are pushed.

  • Emotions are complicated.
  • Keep it simple by thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind.
Sensual intuitive thinking is a direct physical response to our environment. It keeps the big picture clear so we’re in tune with or priorities, boundaries and dreams.
Any time you wash your hands, like before you eat, it’s easy to look in the mirror for help – by thinking with your eyes. Notice your posture and honor yourself by feeling dignity. Appreciate who you are. When you eat, savor every morsel! After you eat, look in the mirror again:
  • Give yourself a big smile and a knowing wink.
  • Enjoy the rest of your day.

Remember, Life is a gift. The more it’s savored, the better it tastes.

The clearer you understand yourself, the smarter choices are and the happier life is. Practice looking into the mirror for help. You are your best friend. Trust your gut. Find your greatness. For overcoming emotional challenges, pick up a copy of Am I Really Hungry? 6th sense diet: Intuitive Eating, or download a copy and keep it on your phone for quick tips! 
Thinking with our senses, we talk less. Feeling with our minds, we sense more. This is personal power.