Boundaries protect.

Things always change. We wake up navigating new issues balanced with old responsibilities.

We don’t need limits; we need direction.


Boundaries reveal options.

Free your heart.

Boundaries are personal.

Intuition is the guide to be in sync with destiny. Sensing boundaries highlights options that protect personal values. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind is the clear path navigating the traffic of life that’s in sync with change.

Sensual syncing balances what you think with what you feel and sense to protect your values. Values form inner character is where to access strength of invisible boundaries clearly attracts power, romance, personal satisfaction, and success. It’s part of personality that’s right under your skin. Sense your values. Use them to live richly and you will get what you need.

Intuitive values.

Boundaries point toward purpose, creativity and comfort. Intuitive values, like dignity and courage, reveal a path of unquestioned quality. Prudence, which is balancing options is backup for navigating change. Comparison shopping is a common sense way of sensing boundaries. Options impact what we eat and who we love. Boundaries protect us from making choices we later regret. Look ahead at the consequence of what you’re about to do and you’re using intuitive self-defense called, foresight. Like looking both ways before crossing the street, foresight makes sense for navigating all the streets of life.

Safety zones.

Boundaries are safety zones. Recognizing social boundaries is smart. In intimate relationships, sensing values give a moment to pause and reassess. Sensing what feels right keeps priorities clear and choices beneficial.  Noticing limits protects so you don’t ‘go too far’. Intuition is the zone of self-respect.

Choices that bring satisfaction are careful, responsible and loving. Your character holds powerful boundaries in place. Trusting your personal boundaries makes you irresistible, smart and decisive. Character is intangible energy we find in ourselves and admire and trust in others. Respecting values you sense keeps needs and dreams intact.

Rcognize healthy boundaries of character:

  • C – charm (is) Irresistible
  • H – health (is) Rich
  • A – awareness (means) Tuned-in
  • R – reason (is perspective)  Smart
  • A – action (means) Being Decisive
  • C – caution (is protective) Being Careful
  • T – timing (when it’s right)  Hot
  • E – ease (doing what feels right) Responsible
  • R — rest (self-respect) Loving

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Darwin

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