The Power of Passion + The Power of Patience = The Power of Purpose

Listen to what is inside of you right now and you will find balance.

Passion + Patience = Focus

Patience + Passion = Focus

Use sensual syncing to untangle obstacles. Zero in on strategies that come from the heart.

Life gets tangled. We go through storms of living and don’t know how long they will last. Tangles turn into knots and we blame ourselves. Focus on frustration or anticipation throws us off balance. Purpose gets fuzzy. The big picture gets lost.

Purpose is a personal inside-out strategy. It is idealistic because it connects you with dreams and practical because it connects with your character. It takes tenacity to be true to ourselves. It’s worth the effort.

Tenacity is focus that honors what comes from your heart by holding on to what you value. Everything worth having takes effort. Purpose is the vibrant connection with your heart that refreshes you. It’s power.

Purpose connects with inner drive and desires. The best strategies for personal and professional success come from your heart. Being patient with yourself is the intuitive way to hold true to purpose and your heart.

Patience is an intuitive attitude that brings things together. Personal patience allows you to sensually sync with the big picture. It lets you see hear, taste and touch more and know yourself better. The big picture is important because it connects with your inborn power of purpose and gives you realistic perspective.

With attitudes of patience and tenacity, the power of passion kicks in to sync. Fine tune what you sense. Listen not just with open ears but with an open heart. Talk less sense more. Be gentle with yourself to discover your purpose.
Sensual thinking means being in sync with change. Finding your balance is sensual syncing. The beginning of syncing with change is patience. Patience provides the opportunity to let go of what no longer works while staying clear about what matters. Patience keeps you connect to your purpose.

Be bold. Change rooms in your mind. Discover your destiny.

When life gets tangled:

  • Occasionally patience is an attitude of forgiving. The person to forgive is you. Anger and regret are detours that dead-end. The past is history lesson to learn from. The present is your opportunity to stay untangled.
  • We live in a world of rapid change. Your greatest personal advantage is at your very core.

Listen carefully to what is inside of you right now.

You know much more than you realize.

We are all unique, which is why you are not always in sync with change or with other people. Sometimes we’re late; other times we get ahead of ourselves and communication gets confusing. That’s when things get tangled. Sensual syncing picks up the slack by keeping the big picture in focus.
Connecting with change means you have the courage to be true to yourself.
Like nature, your life has rhythms and seasons. Nature is our most honest and accessible teacher. Be more observant. Take time to see what’s going on and get in sync with the big picture of your life and our planet. Answers are blowing in the wind.

Blowin’ in The Wind, artist: Gatit Shoval

  • Patience is something you feel.
  • Passion pushes you to complete your dreams.
  • Purpose is a comfort zone where you are on your toes and balanced.

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