Attitude is the way you text your personality.

It reveals exactly what’s going on.

Woman with Attitude

102 x 152 x 4 cm, mixed media on canvas
Courtesy Herwig Maria Stark

Everyone uses attitude.

Without exception, it’s how we communicate exactly who we are and what we feel.

Attitude is shorthand communication.

Do people ‘get’ what you communicate? Do you think you’re hitting all marks and making a good impression, but not get a call back? Have you tried talking with your teenager, or lover or a business associate and have him shake his head at you and close the door? Attitudes can open or close doors in our lives. Maybe it’s time for an attitude adjustment.

The clearest communication is intuitive. Intuition is not about how smart you are, it’s about how receptive your are to what you sense. Notice what you sense and notice your attitude.

Energy comes as attitude through your eyes, your tone and body language. Without words, you make a statement. Instead of talking about it, attitude reveals exactly what’s going on. We give and receive it constantly. Fine tune your attitude by talking less and sensing more.

Global values are attitudes that build trust. They are equally understood and recognized by every culture and age group. The next time you need to be understood, respond clearly with an attitude of curiosity. This sensually syncs as an open mind. Back it up with an attitude of dignity. This syncs as self-respect. People will ‘get’ your attitude . They will want to hear what you are saying.

Our 6 senses are points of clarity. It’s easy to adjust attitude when you notice what you’re thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind.

Inner attitudes of dignity, courage, patience, determination and curiosity give you balance and confidence. The result is open relaxed communication that brings opportunities. Suddenly it’s easy to have good timing.

Sensual syncing, the philosophy of experience, is the language of attitude. It is our foundation for clear, effective, universal communication. Use it to work together to bring innovative thinking and solutions to your life and our world.

No matter what you talking about, your attitude speaks louder and hits deeper than words ever could. Sensual syncing with intuitive values is the automatic attitude adjustment that leads to productive communication.

Everyone knows, when it comes to communication, words have limits. That may be why we’re misunderstood, not clear about what we’re told or not connecting the way we want. Love songs and dinners by candlelight are ways we share attitude that say more than words.

You can sense attitude in every conversation. It creates boundaries that feel like safety zones, seduction, or war zones. We are physical beings. When we get hit with attitude, we feel where we stand. If you don’t like where you’re standing, adjust your attitude.