Reality Check : Sensual Thinking

 Sensual thinking is a reality check reaching around the world.

planet earthLike the internet, sensual thinking circles the globe with a constantly adapting presence.

Sensual thinking is a reality check from a moving perspective.

Being in sync with change constantly updates form to substance.

Change in our lives is an energy-generating reality check. While our minds can be anywhere, it is always what we sense that keeps us in-tunes us with changes by engaging our moments. Thinking with your senses protects you from walking into traffic, missing a call or wearing a bikini in the snow. Feeling with your mind is how to responsibly collaborate, communicate and create your life.

The past is over. Old thinking (dogmas, paradigms, etc) does not solve new problems. New technology gives us elastic thinking to use for the greater good. Sensual thinking is the universal handrail we can depend on. We sensually sync and collaborate with attitudes of dignity, courage, patience, determination and curiosity. This reality check creates balance, transparency and purpose to our communication.

For everyone, inner and outer world success depends on the ability to recognize the presence of what is real and what is right. That is our intuitive reality check.

Sensual Thinking connects us with inner nobility we call character. Thinking in sync with change keeps us in touch with who we are, to achieve what we want, by maintaining a global perspective. Our differences make sense. There is natural organization within diversity.

Today, we seek solutions on the web that feel right. Choosing to think using search engines without linear constraints, we know anything is possible. For example, to solve a problem we might see that 2+2= 22 or we might play a game for insights.  With sensual thinking there are no hard-set limits. Instead, there are guidelines that protect and keep us in tune with the bigger picture. Reality is, everyone is part of the big picture. We need to think globally.

We thrive with change by thinking differently. It’s time to let go of the past because we cannot change it. Nobody wants redundant crimes against humanity or our planet to continue. To wisely move forward in the present requires a melding of experience with innovation.

Sensual unites us and promotes recognized intuitive global guidelines that reveal unexpected ways of moving ahead for new answers, ideas and solutions. It is recognizing that Nature, Technology and Music are tools for success.

The only way to change things is to change the way we think. It’s a bold move for those reading this and natural new thought evolution for youth. It’s intuitive to protect ourselves and promote the greater good by thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds. Let’s move forward together by being in sync with change. By thinking differently we can take control of and be responsible for the future.

Thanks to handheld computer technology, we are quickly, increasingly sensual thinkers. We naturally tune-in with touch, look closer and listen more efficiently. It’s exciting and empowering. We feel good because timing is right. We’re moving forward with collaboration and fresh eyes.

Sensual thinking is a stress buster that keeps us naturally in sync with change. When guided by intrinsic, global values like dignity and courage, it’s automatic to make choices that are protective, more deliberate and more rewarding. There is a new respect for intrinsic wisdom and an attitude of global community that we all sense and share.

This is the beginning of a new Humanitarian Age. Transitions are delicate and we need to stay in sync. New answers, ideas and solutions are everywhere.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.~Richard Buckminster Fuller



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