Everything we do is a kind of collaboration.

Collaboration – Our Planet

 Collaboration is cool.

As we recycle trash, we mimic nature and return balance. For our planet, collaboration is a pattern of survival. The pattern is change, begin, balance, recycle, change, begin – again and again. Every farmer knows this. Importantly, because balance is something we feel, this method of getting the most of what is, works for love, business and quality of life.

Any kind of uncomfortable feeling is a signal of being out of balance. All communication and every conversation is a kind of collaboration that is sensual syncing. We have a way of balancing each other. Communicate and find balance by thinking with your senses. Be aware of¬† choices and why you make them. Be true to yourself. Follow through by connecting with what feels right – courage, dignity, patience, self-discipline, humor… you know what feels right. Insure long-term satisfaction by collaborating.

Nature is a series of lessons on collaboration – not by compromise, but by connections that are not obvious. When we look at nature, it’s easy to see sensual syncing where patience is presence, and power is security. Here’s how Nature re-balances the Eco-system with her organic sensual response. As you watch, expect the unexpected.

The secret of balance is being open to the unexpected. Our planet is a great collaborator, patiently spinning, allowing change and creating balance around us. Our greatest teachers are the air we breathe, the water we drink and the ground we walk upon. The air we breathe has been recycled from CO2 and exhaled for us to consume by trees. The water we drink has fallen on the backs of Moses, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and and your mother. There is no new water or new air. It’s all recycled and balanced by nature.

Sensual thinking is collaboration that leads to balance. Balance is the secret of righting wrongs and the answer to renewal of what appears to be lost. Until we are dead and turned to dust, we are part of the organic sensual balance of nature.