Music relaxes our minds while it soothes our souls.

Enjoying music pushes open our potential to expect the unexpected.

Musical harmony is soul texting. Sometimes we open to receive pleasure, sometimes pain. Rhythm and melody connect with organic enthusiasm, desires and dreams. Music is a legal high that touches where we ache – and heals. We use it to reset our state of mind, while soothing our soul. The magic of music is energy of connection & a portal to ageless solutions.

“and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Nietzsche

Tuning-in to the vibrations of sound opens space for thinking differently.  Sensual input naturally relaxes boundaries of stress, fear and thought so that we feel suddenly brave. Sound waves we move to tune us to recognize our unspoken dreams. Moving with momentum is a wake-up call to connect with others on our path. Noticing what we sense, we’re comfortable and suddenly – the more relaxed we feel, the more alert we are.

In every environment, the right tempo creates harmony. Setting a mood with music is sensual syncing. Dancing or singing together is soul texting. We don’t need words. Listening to music spurs creative thinking. Sensual syncing brings easy access to more flexible, more efficient non-traditional solutions for long-term best quality of life. We naturally enjoy rhythms while driving, working or eating.

Global intuitive values like curiosity, courage, dignity and patience are the stuff of songs that stir natural passions. Song unites us, sparks connections and heightens the pleasures of living. We feel momentum and fears ease.  Choices guided by intuitive thinking naturally lead to enduring change for the greater good.

The brain is 70% water. Our brain ‘feels’ vibrations of the sound waves.  Tuning-in to song opens breathing room in our hearts. Sometimes zoning out to rhythms connects with the pleasure of our unique personal excellence.

  • Your hearts beat the rhythm of moments and breathing is the rhythm of thoughts. Listen to how you breathe. Connect with your rhythm. Go with the flow and stay in tune with your dreams.  It’s  simple.

Power is found in awareness. Recognize your natural rhythm & power with music. Dancing with change is the new way to optimize our time. It’s cool. Music is an energy funnel.

Eric Clapton – BB King – Crossroads 2010 – Live