take a breath.

Visualize the path in front of you being uncovered.

Follow the light of Dignity

It’s time for a smooth ride. Sensual thinking is your skill path to personal power. 

Dignity is your intuitive Life-navigation tool.

An attitude of dignity is the foundation of self-control.

Approach a problem with dignity and you feel calm.

Approach a solution with dignity and there is no problem.

peacock strutting his stuffSensual thinking is the simplicity of what you sense, the honesty of what you feel in your heart and the anchor of what you know from experience. It is letting intuitive global values, like dignity, curiosity and courage guide communication, collaboration and personal understanding.

An attitude of dignity is the skill of self-discipline. It is an attitude of self-respect that you feel in your heart, a natural protective focus on personal boundaries. All intuitive values are attitudes that link with character.

Being at peace and being happy are not the same thing. There is a difference between your feelings and the state of your inner being. Being at peace is part of character.

Being dignified is being true to yourself by being honest with yourself.

Feelings like happiness are fleeting. Character is your permanent inner guidance system for success. Connecting with feelings of dignity is the easy way to tap-in to your natural wisdom. Dignity is the direct link with inner kindness that is self-respect. It’s easy to recognize it as simple confidence in the truth you feel with your heart. See and hear this attitude of dignity through the words and actions of Martin Luther King, Jr, Nelson Mandala and Mahatma Gandhi.

Sensual thinking is thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind. It is a system of bonding with character. Character is awareness of invisible boundaries, like dignity, patience and courage, that attract power, romance, personal satisfaction and success to our lives. Without dignity, we make choices that hurt ourselves. Intuitive values are attitudes that naturally sync with vibrations of change. These  give clarity of the big-picture perspective to guarantee long-term satisfaction.

angry casuarius

Distress is the opposite of dignity. It reeks of tension.

Without the grounding of dignity, we lose our sense of place. It’s a feeling of losing control. We feel distressed.

When you get out of sync with your own vibrations, There is a nudge, a pressure. Maybe your neck is a little stiff or there is a knot in your stomach. These are signals that you need to reconnect with your character.

It’s simple. Tune in by noticing what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. This immediately brings awareness and calm that connects with your dignity. Connecting with the present through noticing what you sense is sensual thinking.  It’s easy to recognize. Words don’t always tell the whole story:

  • Have you noticed someone looking at you with curiosity, or felt an electric thrill from a personal touch?
  • Have your ever felt a hostile glare or stared into someone’s eyes knowing exactly what’s going on?
  • Character begins with dignity. We find dignity in our chests. That’s where our heart beats and where we each can feel the dance with our unique energy.

Change in our lives don’t stop. Sensual thinking is recognizing and working with change. Nothing is certain in life, but anything is possible. This means you can’t take anything for granted. Being honest with yourself is a fail-safe against distress. You can always depend on an attitude of dignity to reconnect with self-control.

Enjoying music refreshes sensual connections. While listening, instead of thinking, you feel what deeply matters to you. Talk less, sense more. Feel rhythm, find pace and find peace.

Listen to David Young play Imagine with two flutes. Dream.