Vibrations of change are happening 24/7. It’s natural to sense them.

Soul texting is a natural way of sensual thinking. 

Since our body is 70% water, we naturally respond to the vibrations of change by using our senses. Everything is changing. When we respond with curiosity, courage or dignity, we’re powered by a new dimension of alertness that brings out natural charisma and awareness. This is soul texting that gets results we want. It’s the 21st century way to communicate.

Sensual, intuitive thinking keeps us synced with the big picture so we feel connections with destiny and purpose. If we ignore what we sense, we hit walls, get confused and feel lost. Intuitive values are vibrations that guide what matters in our lives. It feels good when choices sync with best interests. It’s an easy vibration.

Tuning into universal vibrations like freedom and dignity is intuitive. It’s how to stay comfortable and satisfied. Following these vibrations of freedom and dignity guides smart choices, by providing focus & balance 24/7. It’s easy to stay in touch with personal priorities & the big picture at the same time because the truth is clear. We all breathe easier.

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” — Mark Twain 

Because we regularly experience the unexpected or the ‘impossible’, staying in touch with what we sense is the safe way to connect with long-term success. Sensual Thinking keeps us in rhythm with a protected quality of living. Talking less and sensing more creates a comfort zone.

Intuitive vibrations are easy to feel but hard to describe. For example, it’s difficult to define curiosity, but natural to experience. We can’t describe dignity, but there is a vibration of dignity we easily recognize. It’s sensual, intuitive thinking to recognize and communicate with vibrations of satisfaction, survival & success. Everyone is born with intuition. It’s individual, like DNA or fingerprints.

We are always responding to vibrations. Listen to a song you like. Enjoying music is a common way we relate to vibrations we can’t see or touch.

You may recognize intuition as a vibrant, calm sensation or even a nudge. It’s the awareness sense connecting us with universal values like courage and dignity to keep in sync with good vibrations. Intuition is natural inner GPS.

Dreaming is a natural way we connect with change. Remember the art of leisurely dreaming when you were young – a time of innocence, of privately listening with your senses to the rush of your life. You felt balanced. Noticing what you were seeing & smelling was natural. It’s still important to do this. Sensual thinking is our easy. It’s still our natural way of being in touch with what’s vibrating. Vibrations keep us in touch with where we’re going.

Even language vibrates; for example, the word Freedom. It’s a word that connects with the soul of every person who’s ever been frustrated or felt trapped. That’s every person I’ve ever met. What does the vibration of Freedom feel like to you? Courage is contagious. In a crowd, as soon as one person stands up for what is right, everyone is inspired. People connect with vibrations.

As we experience 360° sensual thinking, it’s automatic to recognize & sync up with the vibration of freedom. Clarity comes spontaneously & with a sense of humor!

Sensual thinking is respecting what we sense. It’s peaked by technology thatconstantly tunes us in to change, innovation, impromptu combinations & community. It’s liberating to hook up change, as long as we stay grounded, by using our inner GPS to filter spam and viruses. Good vibrations do that. They protect. Because we’re often confronted with the unexpected or the ‘impossible’, staying clear about global universal values is a secret of satisfaction. Sensual Thinking is the contemporary key to understanding how to have our best quality of living. It’s staying in tune with the vibrations of change.

Individually we’re always tuning into change vibrations. We recognize sound waves to hear andd light waves to see. To be in sync with vibrations of success, satisfaction & survival, we need only to think with our senses & feel global intuitive values with our mind. When we think less and sense more, it’s natural to stay in sync with freedom & purpose.

Freedom was a recurring theme in 60’s conversations. Enduring freedom to live fully, comes with a neutral, open mind. Be open to the unexpected. That kind of freedom can move mountains.