Did you ever wonder why opposites attract?

How do opposites transform and validate us? Why does it feel so good?

Opposites ground and inspire us. Differences stimulate us to know ourselves better. Through what we sense and what we feel, our world expands. Feelings of newness have the touch of passion. It’s natural to sensually sync and explore options when we are with opposites. 

Just like a coin has head and tail linked by sides, attraction is often a dance of opposites who find they are two pieces of the same puzzle. Opposites often bring balance to romance. Tenderness and acceptance from someone very different validates our personality and our dreams. Mutual trust drives us be ourselves. We feel brave and easily revisit opportunities when our uniqueness and boundaries are acknowledged. We sense our self through our opposite.

Because finding our opposite grounds us, we feel loyal to ourselves. Being true to ourselves inspires feelings of determination and confidence. There is awesome self-esteem. Respecting differences brings rewards. We discover new perspectives, see alternatives and recognize our personal potential. With this self awareness, opposites and challenges clarify limits and reveal opportunities that are exciting.

Opposites keep us alert. They get under our skin. There is only honesty in what we can sense with our five senses. Notice what you notice. Communicate. Sometimes music is the language of our hearts. Sometimes fragrance is the magic and language of our soul. There is dependable truth in intuitive values we automatically feel with our minds. Trust what you feel. When we see extremes, find challenges or meet our opposite, sometimes silence is the purest language. 

Sensing our boundaries helps us do what needs to be done with concrete strategies, instead of talking about it or drifting. Opposites transform our lives by helping us see ourselves. To live richly, we must turn talk into action. When we talk less and sense more, determination and purpose surge inside us. Action happens.

Think with your senses and feel with your mind. Attitude is part of every conversation. Talk less; sense more. Whether you meet a brother or sister, an opposite or a challenge, be true to yourself. Find your courage and be curious. Enjoy determination. Choose an attitude of dignity and have fun!