The invisible sound that touches us.*

Music is the invisible sound that touches, lifts and serenades us with passion. There is no permission given. Our body, heart and mind respond involuntarily. No matter how fragile we feel, music connects us with strength. No matter how bold, music can bring us to tears. No matter how lost, we connect with inspiration.

Music stimulates sensual thinking. We sync with music and feel it relax, stimulate or motivate us. We trust music because we feel it. Its invisible sound helps us focus.

In the past music was considered serious and holy. It was used to purify feelings and glorify virtues. We still do this. Like a drug, music turns us on but unlike drugs, music connects us with our heart. That is serious, holy and awesome.

Athletes know music is clearly an invisible bridge to endurance and unity.  School children know listening to songs together unites our world, our desires and our spirits. The foundation of human nature is the same in everyone. We all respond to invisible sounds and connections of song.

Sensual communication happens with the invisible sound of eye contact or recognition of courage.  Attitudes of dignity, courage, patience, kindness and determination, are other invisible sounds we respond to involuntarily. Let’s notice what’s going on. Let’s feel the sound of freedom and spread invisible music of hope and joy by collaborating more, communicating better and trusting our intuition to feel what is right.

Sensual thinking is an idea whose time is now. Think with your senses; feel with your mind. Talk less, sense more. The big picture is in front of us. Even if it’s invisible, we can recognize it. We can only make knowledge ours by accepting the hazard of depending on it. Be brave and live well!

*Play this link while you read this post. Feel the touch of its invisible sound.