It’s Time for Your Quantum Leap.

sagey1tZen practice is keeping in tune with the moments by using your senses. It is observing the present & being part of it – at the same time. A calm power results. It’s called samadhi power. Sensual thinking and zen have a lot in common. Thinking with your senses & feeling with your mind keeps you in sync with priorities and in-tune with change.

Quantum leaps happen when you become aware of something that you never realized was always there – & your life is never the same. You take quantum leaps often. Notice what you sense more and discover more of the wild ride of living.

Today, technology free minds and heightens senses so that what matters can take center stage in the way we make decisions. Technology is leading sensual thinking thought evolution. Importantly, feeling with your mind connects with global intuitive values. The result of noticing what you sense and seeing something familiar from a different perspective, is a daily quantum leap.

Sensual thinking is a refreshing, powerful shift. The senses are your immediate connection with the ever-changing present. Global universal values are an intuitive perspective of the big picture that show how things come together. Intuitive values reveal pieces of the puzzle, of who you are and what’s right under your skin, in a way that brings your dreams into focus.

Sensual thinking is an intuitive ‘aha’ moment. In zen, it’s called ‘enlightenment’ and in 21st  century speak, we call it: a quantum leap.

Sensual thinking is a natural reality check. It pushes what’s happening in life up a notch by making the path and the big picture clear. We see ourselves from a moving perspective, as part of the big picture of humanity, and never isolated or alone.

Noticing what you notice is the simple way to bring clarity and purpose to your choices. Thinking with your senses is an energy boost. Feeling with your mind feels vibrant.

Whether you want it to – or not, living happens spontaneously. No matter how busy you are, you live in your moments. Because sensual thinking is instant – there is no time-lapse decision making. There is no hesitation or red tape. The 24/7 input from technology and your senses fuels every choice and feeling with your mind keeps you on track.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift & the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant & has forgotten the gift.” ~ A. Einstein

Intuition is our “mojo”. Get your mojo working. It’s time. Life is in front of you! You’re not supposed to waste it by thinking in a rut. Everyone has hidden talents pushing against their skin. It doesn’t feel pretty until we open up and live who we are meant to be. Taking the leap to think differently doesn’t mean you are going to change the world, but it does mean you will leave a mark you will be proud of.

Take a chance on yourself now or regret it forever. Be part of the thought evolution. Feed your head.

cupcake More details about the Curious#Happenings to experience thinking with your senses coming soon.