Our planet gives us life, but doesn’t need us. It’s a relationship we need to fix.

Our Planet

..”Nothing on the earth lacks a voice when we close our eyes..” Neruda

Every drop of water we drink has been recycled for thousands of years by our ecosystem. Trees absorb carbon dioxide to give us oxygen to breathe. Our food only grows because its pollinated by bees, bats, bugs and wind. We need to notice what’s real, because we’re part of it.

Our health is tied to the health of the planet. Both are finite.

We’re suffocating the planet and on the verge of exterminating deer, foxes, birds, and all natural inhabitants of this earth by paving or planting or covering where they live – not to mention the destructive role of human greed. We need to respect the earth. It takes a small, narrow mind to have a casual attitude towards the big picture of life on this planet.

We’ve been arrogant and foolish. We sell our freedom cheaply, trading it for security or status before we’ve recognized the horror of what we’re doing. We’re taking sex out of reproduction. SEX! Sex is the source of all life. Remove it from our lives, food and from the ecosystem, and we all die.

Passing on a legacy of poverty, hunger, starvation and unimaginable suffering is not an option.Take a breath. Look around and open your mind to thinking differently about water, air, food and life. All of it is finite.

We need to stop repeating the past. In the name of ‘progress’, we killed Native Americans and now we’re killing the planet. Every generation deserves the long-term freedom to breathe, to eat, to enjoy nature. We can be aware or lose it all. Because we have choices, we have freedom. Freedom is a responsibility to protect, nurture and respect life – not a license to destroy it. Mother Nature wonders why we don’t come to our senses.

Focusing only on negative outcomes blinds us to the possibility of success. There is a bigger picture with different options. Sensual Thinking presents new perspectives“There are always two paths to take; one backwards towards the comforts and security of death, the other forward to nowhere.” ~ Henry Miller

Be brave. Make the choice to find a solution.

Opportunity? We have it! Technology transforms us with the gift of sensual search engine thinking.With open minds, we are part of new options. The range of challenges & the quality of innovations & choices is awesome. Together we can save the earth.Positive thought is power.  “Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.”~ Margaret Shephard   We can have it all if we pay attention, with an attitude of respect, to what we do, sense & know.  Think with your senses, feel with your mind. Get attitude.

May the sun bring you new energy by day, May the moon softly restore you by night, May the rain wash away your worries, May the breeze blow new strength of character into your being. May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty for all the days of your life.~ Apache blessing


 Dikuwaga’s Garden – Underwater Fiji and Tonga