Style is exciting. Being fashionable is not just about what we wear, it’s an attitude of awareness. When we’re stylish, we notice what’s going on and feel what’s cool.

Style & Attitude

When we’re in style, we look and feel good.

When you’re in style, you know you look good. You feel it and so does everyone else. We sense energy of change and respond to it. Style doesn’t have to be flashy to be felt. When someone likes your style, it’s a pure sensual connection. Fashion is one of the ways we communicate through sensual thinking, who we are and what we like – without talking.

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things. ~ Jean Cocteau

Having style is a statement about your power of discrimination. Style is personal. Attitudes, like prudence and dignity, keep us stylish. Prudence is comparison shopping; it’s your connection to discriminating what’s pleasing. Real dignity is just self-respect, like dressing to impress yourself. It’s a power attitude.

Prudence + Dignity = Style

Have an attitude of sensual style:

  • Reinvent and express yourself every day because each day is new.
  • Intuitively engage your senses to recognize what pleases you. Notice what you notice.
  • Free your head. Use dignity and prudence to stay clear about what you deserve and want.

Sensual thinking is a big picture perspective that keeps you in rhythm with change in the world. Sensual syncing reveals what’s happening so we ‘get’ that great, excited feeling of being stylish, being right in the groove. 

Intuitive values, like prudence and dignity, are personal power tools for keeping tuned to the truth. The truth looks cool in every language. An attitude of sensual style is an energy groove and a head-turner.

Like Nature, style is always changing. Social trends, new ideas & tech innovation, all reflect style. It feels wonderful and stylish to be in sync with change.Think differently, time surf.