Philosophy of Experience : Sensual Thinking


Staying in step with change, in our lives and our world, is done by staying clear about what does not change. What does not change is the human ability to feel what is right. What feels deeply right connects directly with our passions and sense of purpose. This philosophy is a bridge between what we sense and what we know that connects us with intuitive global values that cross cultures and generations. As we embrace change, global values are always steady because they transcend time. Thinking with our senses and feeling with our mind is natural collaboration that reveals a clear horizon.

Everything you sense expands your mind. Sensual thinking is the way we expand our minds through what we experience. The way to change or world is to expand the way we think. The philosophy of experience is an idea whose time has come. It’s not academic, it is thinking outside the box.  Thinking sensually naturally accesses insights to creativity, wisdom and character. 

Wisdom is not the same as knowledge. Knowledge can be memorized or learned. It is based on facts. Facts change. Wisdom is a sense of understanding of how things fit together. Wisdom is an enduring perspective that transcends time, cultures and generations.

We experience wisdom as comfort, or an “aha” moment, or as clarity. It stays with us; we don’t have to remember it. Thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds balances innovation with experience, so that the wisdom of connections and perspective becomes obvious and we become smarter. We have access to what we sense 24/7.

It’s important to connect with passion. Thinking with our senses is an inner holistic synergy that our minds naturally respond to. Ever felt curious? Curiosity is the way we feel with our minds that invites new ways of problem solving. Ever made a connection with dignity? The feeling of dignity – as a decision guide – is often the source of unexpected revenue streams. By using the ability to feel with our minds, it’s easy to understand what we sense with a new, personally empowering, big-picture perspective. By naturally sensually syncing we recognize unspoken attitudes.

Global intuitive values lead to perspective that updates our thinking. What we sense keeps us in-touch with the present.  Intuitive values, are feelings we recognize. They include courage, patience, curiosity and dignity. Values are our ‘fall back guys.’ They are what holds us up at the end of the day. Sensual thinking is recognizing these guidelines as we go through the changes of living. The result is a new sense of possibilities, different quality of imagination and a sense of comfortable forward momentum.

Great leaders communicate their passions about what is right by keeping us clear about the big picture. We all can communicate most effectively this way. We all have important passions to communicate.

Our lives are like the weather; there is nothing that is absolute except change. Every day ideas and customs change, laws change, scientific facts are disproved.  In every crisis in our lives we have natural access to feel courage, dignity, patience, curiosity, determination, prudence, foresight, tenacity, grace and self-control in order to do what is right. It’s called sensual thinking.

The concrete way to bring form to ideas for the greater good connects what we think and what we feel with our 5 senses. This naturally enhances creative thinking. Things fit together or fall into place. It’s clear, easy and uplifting. We can feel ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. It’s easy.

Sensual thinking is a collective moral force bringing us into a new Humanitarian Age. It’s humbling, exhilarating, sexy and noble. It is ubiquitous intuitive guidelines that are transparent boundaries for decision-making and communicating. Since thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds connects with everything we do, it’s a reality check that reveals new opportunities for enduring personal quality of life as well as social change.

We’re living in times of massive change. Sensual thinking sidesteps the ego and media-driven dogma. It is the currency and base of liberating choices and effective communication. It is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds automatically, naturally arouses both, a sense of community and individual purpose. Choices that drive our passions – like courage, dignity and curiosity – are uplifting and available.

With our minds open to change, we filter choices with foresight, prudence and grace, to protect ourselves and our future.

“..thoughts create a new source of energy, from which new arts flow.” Paraceisus

The experience of an open mind creates a burst of energy that feels like opportunity & options. It takes an open mind to be part of change. Technology has opened our minds to things constantly updating, constant change. Search engine thinking, with its endless options, makes Sensual Thinking automatic. We are becoming increasingly transparent and the momentum feels good. This is our time to be in sync with change. We don’t know what’s coming but can sit balanced with foresight, prudence and tenacity.

The way to sustain this important freedom to move our lives & our world forward is to use it. With sensual thinking, we become who we are meant to be without losing touch with who we are.

Imagine a collaboration of what you know, with what you think. That’s the personal freedom of sensual thinking. It’s a personal, liberating, balancing perspective that includes a direct connection with our private passions and imagination. Sensual Thinking is when what we need, connects with what we want.

A new philosophy is like a new language. It takes practice. Sensual Thinking, the philosophy of experience, is a language that will open universal communication in our lifetimes. This new way of thinking is also a new way of learning. It’s time to educate to encourage creative, effective, innovative and relevant solutions for the good of all. It’s time to understand how to think. Thinking is not memorizing answers, it’s understanding the answers in the context of universal values and change.

Because the big picture connects our sense of personal purpose and our world, this intuitive perspective gives us vision. The philosophy of experience automatically focuses on creating enduring strides towards a great future for ourselves & our world.

Every person asks, “Why am I here?” Universal values are our time-proven guides to discover the answer. Because these are global, they need no defense. Thinking this way creates a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We feel vibrant.

We live in challenging times. Just because we want things to change, means very little. Things can only change when we change the way we think. It’s time to open minds by thinking sensually, so that we connect with all of who we are, to make wise decisions, for ourselves and our world.