If we take good health for granted, we lose it, becoming a slave to drugs, discomfort & doubt, ultimately becoming financially enslaved to a system in need of updating.

girldownfinal2Good Health is a Turn On.

The meaning of health is personal. We recognize a feeling of ease with our soul. It’s easy. Peace, contentment, energy, passion all rolled into a good day . That’s the idea.

Good health is good communication with our body, psyche, emotions & heart. We feel balance.  It’s a clear understanding so we know how to respond to ourselves better. The 21st century is not about psychology. It’s about intuitive Sensual Thinking. We need to connect with the nitty-gritty of what we sense.

Thinking with our senses is immediately healing because it’s a stress buster. It’s medicine without pills or side fx. Our 6th sense keeps us safe & focused on what is true for us. It’s not always easy; but it is always, ultimately rewarding to think with our senses and feel with our minds. Intuitive, sensual thinking is open search engine thinking that is perfect for a symptom search: MEDgle

Everything we sense is helpful. Noticing what we notice peels off layers of numbing habits. It’s like a face peel, only it’s also a mind peel & a heart exfoliation. We stay on the path of natural health. Health is mental, emotional & physical. Being in sync with yourself is powerful, good health. In fact, people who diet often lose weight when they do this.

It’s all right letting yourself go, as long as you let yourself back. – Mick Jagger

Health is balance. Imagine experiencing peace, contentment, energy, passion and ‘life’ all rolled into a good day. That’s the idea. 360° intuitive sensual thinking is how to find new solutions: https://www.practicefusion.com

Good health feels like unlimited balance and patience. You recognize an energy or relaxed ease with your soul because you’re in rhythm with your Life. It’s naturally easy. Let yourself experience new beginnings every day and you will accomplish more, feel healthier and be in tune with sensual thinking. Health is sensual.

Called NEW BEGINNINGS & filmed at sunrise on the 57th floor of 4WTC in lower Manhattan, this short film captures an extraordinary, moving performance of Christopher Wheeldon’s After the Rain, tribute to 9/11. Watch it and feel resilience of the human spirit within yourself.

Healing happens physically, emotionally, sensually and spiritually. Intuitive sensual thinking is a personal, body, mind, soul connection with vibrant health. The result is we’re aware. Sometimes it’s about eating, sometimes a sniffle or the newest workout. Choose resilience by thinking with your senses & feeling with your mind. Natural resilience is uniquely satisfying.

“Health care has long been ripe for disruption.” FASTCOMPANY.COM Use search engines to check out alternatives that fit your needs. Filter choices with universal values to be liberated from dogma or greed-driven antiquated systems by thinking differently. Get involved: http://rockhealth.com/ 

Music connects with good health by releasing stress. Good health brings the freedom to think outside the box. We’re creating great music for the magical mystery tour to bring intuitive sensual thinking to you in 2015.

Here’s a woman who knows we have the choice to think outside of the box to solve our basic healthcare challenges & she’s doing it:
Rebecca Onie : What if our healthcare system kept us healthy?