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Event Design

Curiosity is the beginning of transformation. Event design for CuriousHappening is holistic. Plan to enter through a portal of lights and silk, to leave the familiar and sense your power. Experience the beauty and powerful mind-expanding experience of Sensual Thinking. Expand your abilities to focus and sync with timing, soul and creativity.

Experience inspired energy aligned with purpose and integrity. Recognize ageless universal values that are part of your heart and use them to step into a future where humans are still humans, and crimes against humanity are not repeated.

Our senses link us with purpose and destiny.  They are a constant global and personal source of inspiration to heal our planet and unite for the greater good.

With a fantastic creative team of artists and thinkers, we have planned edu-tainment for healthy balanced social (r)evolution through intuitive thinking.

CuriousHappening is a unique opportunity to access and understand intuitive portals to potential found by thinking with our senses and feeling with our mind. The future is ours to create.


A ‘Happening’ is a multi-media party with a theme. People attend to experience the message. ‘Happenings’ create a shared bond of community, enthusiasm and purpose.

Imagine three hours of music, scent, light, art, food and energy technology designed to enhance, balance and affirm your natural instincts for connecting the dots. Be curious and learn to  sense and balance your inner passions to take action to have what you need. Learn to access personal courage to be progressive for yourself in the face of what is unfamiliar. Experience the comfort of discovering that good timing is natural. Leave with new insights.

Curious Happening are infused with unspoken guiding energy to sense advantages of being in sync with change. Imagine an all-access pass to private satisfaction and public success. Thinking with your senses means you’re more alert, more relaxed and feel more secure. Connecting with ageless intuitive tools gives you the advantage to be more discriminating at every level of your life.

Discover new approaches for solving important environmental and humanitarian issues – like Hunger.

In New York City for 3 hours of interactive edu-tainment, CuriousHappening is a reality check of sensual thinking. Every one is part of the big picture. We are ushering in a new age ~ grounded in bravery, common sense and wholesome energy. Experiencing curiosity is the beginning.

We have music, scent, light, magic, art, taste and technology designed to relax, liberate and stimulate. Because listening to music is like flying through time and space without moving, the strategic use of original and familiar music will open new rooms in your mind. Learn about safe intuitive boundaries on the path of change. Find community, passion, courage and creative thinking. Get ready to leave the familiar and reach new heights. With sensual thinking, it is common sense to be clear about what matters. Even when things are confusing, you can make smart decisions for the future. Expect to have fun.

We can see the past and not repeat it.



More coming.


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  1. Mary Blake

    I would expect no less of you, my friend. Looking forward to it


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