“Your heart and my heart are very old friends.” #Hafiz

Sensual thinking means it’s still Playtime. Sensing is the way you stay in the game by keeping clear about connections.  

Playtime is Fun.

Playing is timeless. You lose yourself, laughing in the moments embrace. Like kids who are cool, you take chances and accept consequences. A playful attitude is multidimensional, search engine thinking that’s easy to share. Trusting what you sense is inner confidence. You move forward instinctively curious – like a kid.

Remember playing ‘tag’?

Well, you’re tagged again; only this time, you have ‘it’. You have the newest computer toys and personal tools that are your intuitive values. You are unbeatable. Attend a curious#happening and learn to use ‘it’.

Did you ever stare at someone & they turned towards you? Have you noticed that if you smile at someone, they smile back? Did you ever think you might hear from an old friend, & you did! Everybody unconsciously notices energy. Anticipation is our playful, sensual bridge. Sensual connections are awesome because they’re real.

Natural Sensuality

  •  Natural sensuality isn’t just for kids. Sensuality is the open door of compassion. Take a break when you leave work to be glad that you’re alive. Every day is a gift. Take a minute before you eat to be thankful that you are not hungry. Being playful is tuning-in to the bigger world. 
  • It’s still playtime. Celebrate Life with a friend. Eat a sensual meal and train your brain to think different.. Talk about the what you sense and spice up playtime. In fact, thinking sensually is the way to refresh your mind. Noticing what you sense naturally enhances your mental ability to focus. Sensing friendship or kindness helps to update change and keep things swinging.

 As you play within your moments, time expands, pleasures evolve & grow, options appear. You’ll probably smile more.

  •  Any playful approach to problem solving uncovers inborn creativity. Playtime is when you sense the moment from a bigger perspective. Things come together. You solve problems more efficiently.

Thinking with your senses is child’s play. It’s a reconnect with creativity that sparks all kinds of passions. Be playful by having eye contact with everyone can you possibly talk to. Have fun. Play with energy. Playing fuels intuitive thinking. It lights new answers, new ways of living and loving.

A Direct Connection

For a direct connect, children use their eyes, ears, tongue, touch & smell to know what’s going on! For the young mind, options are always open because they think with heart, mind, body and soul. The heart is our beacon and antennae. Throw back your shoulders and lift your heart to the sky’s kisses. That’s how easy it is. 

Youth and small children are natural sensual search engine thinkers. Passion is powerful focus. They have Bos, So do you.  Bos means focus. Bos ~ notice what you sense. Don’t take playtime for granted. Life is short.

Focus builds energy. Doing this with your senses makes it clear that life is a crash course in amazement. Why not rediscover your inner child? Sensual thinking makes things feel balanced and easier because you’re in sync with yourself.  

Simple self-acceptance is something luminous. You are born to shine.