Ignoring Change

We either fight change or learn from it.

Ignoring what you sense is fighting change. Change happens without our permission. Fighting change is impossible. It’s a waste of time. Open your mind by noticing what you sense. Make it easy to go with changes happening today. Take advantage of your unique sensuality to make life better.

Change is a natural fact of living. That doesn’t mean we understand it. A lot of what we don’t understand, we accept, such as, how people are born or that the ocean is salty, or having a bad night’s sleep or getting a broken heart. We know, at our core, we control just one thing – our own thoughts. That’s why the way to change things is by changing how we think.

Ignoring change is is why history repeats. The past is over. We don’t need to relearn what has already been learned. We can evolve. You are an important part of Life today. Find momentum by feeling it. Life is an amazing journey. When you notice what you sense, you sync with what you need. You think different.

Unwind your mind by trusting boundaries of global values  that are easy to sense like courage, dignity and curiosity. Be true to yourself. Sensual syncing  protects, refreshes, invigorates & brings answers into focus.  It’s a stress-buster.

Ideas about change float through the environment through conversations until a time comes for them to be realized. Your senses are portals to your dreams. Sensual Thinking is thinking with your mind/heart/soul/spirit to be your highest potential.

Sensing is naturally, uniquely transparent. The philosophy of experience.  Depend on your senses and you tune to your survival instinct. That makes it easier to feel safe, relaxed & benefit with change in our world. Everything you sense opent natual connections with personal power and purpose. Learn to recognize your intuitive global values.

Sensual Thinkers dance with change to uncover new solutions for old problems. Think different, notice what you sense. Discover harmony.