I have no special talent; I am only passionately curious. #Albert Einstein


We walk a line of transformation on the path of Fate. Life makes us all revolutionaries who must discriminate  between opportunity and truth. Notice details you sense. It could save your life. At every moment, a choice can turn the world upside-down. The power of transformation is inside of us.

There is something potent, phenomenal and mysterious about sensuality. Everything we sense is sensual thinking. Sensing invigorates our spirit and excites our mind. Intuitive connections spark passions. Honor that power within yourself. Be passionately curious.  

Curiosity is focusing on the possible by accepting what you cannot control. It’s going with the flow, but not being swept into it. What you see, hear, taste, touch and smell is a sensual fountain of curiosity. It is the excitement of living.

The world is transforming and we are the change that’s happening. Natural sensuality is important  inner freedom. Curiosity is our intuitive strategy of awareness bringing excitement, satisfaction and understanding to Life’s outrageous journey. Unknown and unexpected portals to accomplishment, destiny, wonder and Love are everywhere. We are born curious.

Every human is intuitively  passionate. We like our independence and depending on ourselves.  We need to know ourselves. Satisfaction exists. Limits only exist in our half-used minds. The word can’t is a wall of doubt easily blown over by passion and curious desire. 


Actions and choice are the key to the future. Choose to smile more. Choose to love your Life. Be curious to know where you’re headed. Stay determined to honor your soul. Follow light you sense. Be passionate.

Weigh options. Life is amazing. It takes bravery and humor to have bliss. Put heart and soul into your choices and inner courage will never desert you.Trust what feels vibrant. You used curiosity to tune to rhythms and open doors from the moment you were born. Stay passionately curious. Find pace and place by thinking with your senses. Find direction and connection by feeling curious and dignified with your mind. 

Intuition defies old options with a bigger picture perspective. A gut feeling clarifies how things fit together on your timeline. Only the present exists. There is a lot going on. Feel the kiss of an open mind. Sense creative and practical solutions. 

Stay tuned to your highest potential. Even passion has boundaries. Watch for balance.

I went to a taping in NYC for the ‘Holy Smokin’ Vespers Jazz band. People of every hue were in the studio clapping hands and moving in rhythm to Gospel singing infused with sparkle. A fine tap dancer named Maurice Chestnut could swing his legs in ways that left us speechless. Energy of simple gratitude for the gift of Life hugged our hearts with excitement and joy. Be passionately curious. Enjoy the day. #janebernard