tast life -strawberry Passion is sensuality that shimmers with potential and action. It’s our appetite for Life. Really tasting life refreshes everything. The secret journey of the soul is a natural hum of happiness.

Sensing makes the ordinary extraordinary.

The uniquely human thrill of tasting life is the buffer zone between you and stress. Follow shadows with your eyes. Taste flavors, feel textures, inhale a passing fragrance, touch lips. Sensing and stress are not compatible.

Ring in the every day with passion and freedom. My resolution is to taste what I eat, give eye contact when I talk and to love more.

Sensuality is the texture and feel of human connection. We sense style – our own and others. Discover yours by noticing what you sense, especially when you eat.

How you eat mirrors the way you interact in relationships. Eat with heart, style and confidence. Swallow what you love. Be grateful that you have food. Great style is being clear about priorities. It’s about taste. Do you savor flavor or eat really fast?

Recognize what’s important by eating for energy and taste. If you do this for a week, you will automatically be less stressed and more discriminating in other areas of your Life. You will find self-control is easier. Train your brain to choose the hum of happiness. Sensuality is presence. Indulge yourself and feel it.

  • Let your tongue, mouth, body and mind receive the flavor of nourishment.
  • Chew slowly and let digestion happen naturally. Intuitive eating is tuning-in to natural physical rhythms and sensual patterns. We are not machines.

Machines can’t love. They can’t experience real desire or know what spontaneity is. Machines can’t taste food. They have no soul. It’s great to be alive. Only you can know the hum of happiness. Machines fake it. When Life is stressful, it’s common
to lose touch with personal humanity. Then, we eat without tasting and forget to breathe.

  • Sense what feels right to get out of your head.
  • Breathe deeply before you eat to connect with dignity.
  • Have dessert.
  • Make a commitment to feel your body at mealtime.
  • Be happy.

Taste is the decider of style. Everything you taste with your eyes, lips, tongue, mind and heart is a spontaneous sensual adventure that gives Life flavor. Give yourself freedom to relax and enjoy mealtime. The more you do, this habit of giving yourself freedom will snowball into other parts of your Life.

Priorities are private. No matter how busy you are, remember that you are not a machine. Taste Life! Love. Embrace all the flavors. When you’re clear about what you sense, the natural hum of happiness reflects in your eyes. Everyone can see it.