Wake up with the private taste of love. 

Let it linger while time dances on. Rhythm and presence glisten smooth and light like a smile. Life is fantastic and mysterious. Notice the big picture unfolding, confirming what you want. Don’t go back to sleep. Your heart is always awake. See and consider consequences of what you say and do. You are part of the biggest picture. Unexpected and impossible things happen. Feel the majesty.


Sensuality is heart-mind presence that breathes. The burning bush of soul is awareness of heart. To know the taste of love, you must ask for what you really want. The taste can come from anywhere. You have inner talents as simple as tasting and as delightful as dancing that uncover potential and rhythm. Natural passion to bounce with love and understand purpose is deeply alive. lovers, private taste

Passion can be cold as ice or hotter than desire. Discovering ways it morphs is exciting. Discovering why is the private taste.

Open your ears, eyes and arms. Embrace possibility with your mind and heart. Turn ideas into action and reality. Love waits for you.

Drink in the color green until you are drunk. Let favors of love roll around on your tongue until you must have more. Natures is the  muse for determination and renewal. Her seasons are private flavors of dignity and joy.

Sensing what matters gets us to the heart of it. What is easy to sense with a look, a whiff or in a blink unlocks secrets. You feel what you need to do. Don’t forget to dance with little things that make a difference.


Wake up with the ache of discovery and savor the drive of passion. There is rhythm. Let it enter you. Time is passing. There is a reason for everything. Nothing can prevent you from making a positive impact on lives of others. That’s the taste of satisfaction.

Practice Dignity.

Be lifted. Love is cosmic. Dignity and grace are the cosmic touch of intuitive self-disciplineCourage,curiosity and tenacity are your tools. These sweet soul values bring peace of mind and clear the way for love’s song. Wake up and plant seeds for future success and prosperity. Choices you make are the treasure.


Stay awake. Protect what matters. Justice is a private taste of nobility, where courage and dignity are valued. To know happiness, stay tuned to justice and truth you sense.

No matter what’s happening, depend on timeless values that embrace love. Don’t pass judgement on others or yourself. Everybody’s dealing with something. Your intuitive radar focuses on the taste of purpose. Don’t take your eyes off the prize. Never give up believing in justice or love.

Appetites change. 

Every day is a new private taste that will never come again. Spontaneous melodies of living are appetites highlighted by the heart. These  pass and Life changes. Notice what you sense. Things come together unzipping stress like a strip tease. Everything has rhythm. Quicker than a breath, it’s a dance. Don’t sit out the dance. When hot and cold join at the hip, a gem forms. Wake up with the private taste of Love. Let it linger.