The meal-plan for dessert constantly changes. The main course, which is always Love, does not. intuition links dessert with the main course. Have dessert. Love makes dessert exciting and good for you. Openings linger. Soul connections happen. You feel great. Sensuality is passion that feeds body, heart, mind and soul. Noticing what you sense is an organic re-charge. It refreshes you

baked by Mari Kozlowski

Beauty, texture, layers, openings and imperfection draw us to taste life’s hopes and longing. A deja-vu sensory memory happens. Intuition reflects logic of our senses to balance lessons of experience and heart.

Every day we taste foods of understanding, love, friendship and naked pleasures. Be dignified and free. Savor what you sense with honor and tenacity. Your Insights  will amaze you.



Sensuality is spice that keeps us alert. What you sense may be practical and undo knots, or it could be a simple whiff of desire. Sensing is how to know soul balance. Smile, share, sit in the sunlight. Meditate in the rain. Answers come.

A feast of Life is in the air, at our finger tips, eyes and heart. Sense excitement. Let go of what doesn’t serve you. Genuine nourishment is not fattening or uncomfortable. It is vibrant, awakening and simple. You can taste it.

Dignity, courage and vision are intuitive connections with the main course. Focus on what matters. Stay curious and balance options. You will have dessert. Every day we taste foods of understanding, love, friendship and naked pleasures.



Love comes with every texture of living. Satisfaction is intuitive momentum with an aura of generosity, purpose and restraint. Every day we taste foods of understanding, love, friendship and naked pleasures. Be dignified and free. Savor what you sense. With honor and tenacity it’s easy to spot  highlights and insights. We intuitively heal ourselves and each other. 

Let love in. People starve for love by denying it. Loving is nurturing a picture bigger than your imagination or fears. Jesus said, Forgive. I think he was talking about forgiving yourself. Cosmic love is eternal, simple respect we call kindness. Be kind to yourself. You will find different kinds of dessert bring you satisfaction.

Honoring yourself keeps momentum vibrant and purpose clear. Sensual thinking is a comforting non-judgmental zone of balance and wisdom. Thrive with easy intuitive nourishment.  Use eye contact, touch, tone and body language to find answers. Want what matters.

Life is amazing. Have fun. Give what counts. Just because something is hard to talk about doesn’t mean it’s not real. Be brave. Choose deep truth to find friendship, love and opportunity. Intuitive nourishment is compassionate and keeps things straight. Have dessert with a friend. 

Choose what nourishes you. Dance to great music. Make love. Connections like a song in your heart, a moment of peace, resting your eyes or saying,’I love you’ are dessert that keeps getting sweeter. 

Sensuality is instant. Think with your senses and feel with your mind. Save space for dessert.