People are beautiful.

Our birthright is to know truth, recognize the thrill of purpose, and have all the magic of love. Passion for these takes us to the edge. The edge is sharp and sparkles, and shifts with time. Navigating is intuitive. Whether it cuts or excites, the edge is your reality. Think on your feet by noticing what you sense. That’s the foundation to build on to have peace of mind.


Reality is tough-love. 

Take action that serves your spirit by keeping your eyes open and your mind alert. Trust your heart. Love is everywhere.

Some things are good to do, because they are good to do. Taste your food, be grateful, make eye-contact and tune to what feels right. The music of time is always playing.  

Automatically, everything you sense holds your heart close to the edge. The intangible leap of faith called passion keeps us safe.


Tune to your finest assets.

Take chances, fall in love, get confused, and wake up grateful. The voice of your heart leads to purpose.

Every day it’s intuitive to text faster and search more. Technology trains us to be sensual and intuitive. Softly tapping your phone is where you find satisfaction, or you relax, reconnecting with the edge while playing a game or listening to music. Your intuitive mind is smart. It’s always focused on your edge. Listen for the penetrating melody of love. Trust your gut.

When the edge is in focus, it’s easy to navigate change. You sense when what’s happening – is not right or not enough. Use your mind to feel curious and uncover what’s bogus. The edge always shifts. Answers are not predictable. That’s the truth. 

It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting. #PauloCoehlo  


Face the sun and follow your dreams.

Even when the edge is sharp, dance. It’s worth the effort. Intuition is easy. You will be surprised by your strength. You are beautiful. Life is full of purpose. Demands and rhythms are melodies of empathy, timing, and intimacy that guide us to taste all the flavors of love.

Insights we sense are an endless supply of clean energy to transcend negativity and push toward truth, purpose or love. You are born to bloom.Today is the edge. Walk with time wisely. Don’t let what’s complicated or demanding, drown the voice of your heart. Check-in to reality. It’s everywhere.