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    •   The Cosmic Journey  Live Long and Prosper   We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and w…
    •  Making plans.  “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. #JohnLennon Life is a crash course in amazement. We…
       Harmony  “Light will someday split you open, even if your life is now a cage.. a divine seed, the crown of destiny is hidde…
    •  Listen for it.  We only find Love and understanding by listening for it. Listen for love. Feel the full moon. Be kissed by sunlight . Experience…
    •  Love the journey.  Love the journey.  We are changing from a world steeped in ‘logic’ and theory from the past, to a brave   new world   of in…
    •  Transparency  Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. #Mahatma Gandhi  Welcome to the Transparent S…
    •  The Passion of the Present Feel the electric music of the moment. Major advances in civilization.. all but wreck the societies in which they oc…
       Free Love “The subject tonight is Love and for tomorrow as well..” Love answers unspoken questions.  Loving reminds us the impos…
       Rise to the occasion.  Be Inside The Moment Rise  to the occasion.  Bring your sense of humor. It doesn’t matter what’s in the news because  th…
    •   Thinking sensually.  Fine-tuning your senses keeps you lit. Sensual thinking turns up the wattage. Find balance and connection. Think with your senses. O…

Naked Truth

Rise to The Occasion


Rhythms of Thanksgiving

The Weight of Happiness

The Bridge Between

Stay Connected



Denying Tribalism

Sensual Healing

Be kind to yourself.

Pope Francis


Soul Confidence

Soul Thinking

Natural Reality


I know you.

Life is short.

Don’t Think



The 10th Dimension

Dark Glasses

Charleston SC

Press Play


The Language of Wonder


Momentum and Vitality


The Gift

Multidimensional Thinking and Nature


Natural Protection

Free Love

Star Power


Intuitive Tools

Dance With Freedom

3 Words
Adventure and Risk

The Best Valentine’s Present

Thinking sensually.

The Confidence Connection

There can be justice.

Rest More (for freedom)

Lead a Horse to Water.

Stamp Your Ticket for Change.

Under Your Skin

The Power of Innocence


Mental Bondage

Three Ways of Patience

Compassion and Relationship

Hit With Attitude

Find options.

Taking Back The Future

Compassion and Family

Hear The Truth


One World

Follow Your Dreams

Sensual Syncing





Bravery and Change

Communication and Passion

Be physical.

Attitude is personal power.

The Mother


The (R)evolution

A New Way to Relax

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Sensual Syncing and Music


Changing Problems

Having a bad day?

Everything is Music

Feel With Your Mind #2

Connect With Desire

From The Heart

Connect With Power

Feed Your Head

Change 2014 – Sensual Thinking

Change In-Step with Time

Change and Curiosity

Feel With Your Mind

Google Sky Map

What is Faith?

Breaking Rules

Music is Magic

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Sensual Thinking

Who’s in the mirror?

The Power of Choice

Having Options

Life is Rich

Defense of Texting

Soul Texting

Multimedia Thinking & MLK

Technology is making us smarter.

Change = The New Normal