“Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.” C.S.Lewis


Be a Big Kid.

The path of satisfaction is mapped by intuitive thinking.  Stay connected with your powers of discovery. We are born complete and then set off on a journey full of wonder and purpose. Intuitive strategies are how to roll with timing and overcome disappointment. Sensing from the heart is our source of insight, passion and direction.


Because we are taught only to trust intellectual reasoning, we lose touch with the power to sense intuitively. It’s easy to notice what you sense. You can reconnect with wonder, purpose and play.  Be a Big Kid. Our senses are organic and have nothing to do with ideas. Sensing is our cellular connection with astounding buoyant confidence to laugh more and love deeper.


Feel with your mind. 

Use sensual thinking to source courage. It is natural to change,  grow, accept or step back. Noticing simple things you sense is an intuitive strategy that brings freedom and momentum to the day. Rhythms flow and time connects with the future. Notice where you’re going. Life waits for no one.


Intuition, like Love, is part of the always present hidden spiritual agenda of living. It’s automatic to sense insights that are understandings, boundaries and connections with purpose. It’s intuitive to look for comfort and love. When an answer sparks the flame inside, Life turns on a dime. Sensing is spontaneous. From the moment of birth, we sense potent, phenomenal connections that drive clear thinking. Our mind is sensual and vibrant. It’s simple to sense curiosity,understanding and companionshipFeeling happy is the intuitive connection with soul.


Noticing choices that impact your spirit is sensual thinking. It’s protecting yourself. Healthy choices intuitively tune to the big picture.


We are drawn to achieve goals and enjoy life. Sensual thinking is common sense strategies for problem-solving, creative thinking. Everything we sense touches our spirit informing our mind, body and soul to see potential.


Sensing liberates and guides us to satisfying connections. It’s a life-changer. Stay alert and stay happy.


Sense Justice.

The natural way to protect and understand ourselves and our world is by sensing justice, safety, love and opportunities – and following a path of integrity.  Big Kids naturally sense change. Tune to what’s happening without expectations, prejudice or dogma. Sensuality of the mind and body keeps us feeling alive and rich with excitement for Life.


Big kids anticipate making sense of the bigger picture. They are happiest moving forward and staying open to the unexpected. Big kids are curious, determined and use dignity and courage as sensual markers. Everyone is naturally drawn to the path of inspiration.
Your 6th sense will always unburden, rearrange and rebalance the weight of responsibilities so that there is ‘a nudge’ or an ‘Aha’ moment. It is the lightness of being. Sensing is our engine of dignity, momentum and excitement.  At the end of the day why not look up and see the sky?


Wish on a star. Try moon bathing. It will change the way you feel about the night. Respect what you sense. Rhythms of the universe come through us to balance and recharge our world. All energy is a reflection of energy. Realize the power of Life.

Be spontaneous.

Find what is meaningful and take action that serves you. Read fairytales again. Be a Big Kid. Your journey is priceless.