All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.~ V.Hugo

Mission Statement 

Sensual thinking is a bridge of communication that unites people everywhere for the greater good. We are entering a time of collaboration, invention and new vision. Our mission is to use multimedia events as edu-tainment to teach people to how to feel their connection with character and to use the power of thinking different to usher in the new Humanitarian Age. 

rockbridge!_83611534Noticing what we sense is changing global communication by setting a transparent foundation for collaboration that overrides cultural boundaries. It’s based on global intuitive icons everybody recognizes. Our global mission is harmony and growth. 

Sensual thinking is a collective moral force. It’s humbling, transparent, exhilarating, sexy and noble. This 21st century way to think connects with good judgment and keeps in sync with change. By staying in sync with change in our lives and our world, we tune-in to good timing and purpose.

Personal values everyone admires, like courage, curiosity, dignity and patience, are priorities for effective communication. These are guidelines and icons for the new Humanitarian Age. Sensing is learning that feels right. It’s time for us to think different.

Intuitive icons are transparent character-driven boundaries for thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds. They filter decision-making and communicating from a protective, big-picture perspective that keeps us clearly in the present.

Collaboration is the mission for understanding.

The future for us and our planet is about connections, balance and character. We are thinking different. Collaboration with each other with intuitive values is easy because courage, dignity, curiosity, patience and gratitude are universally understood. We connect in the cloud around the globe and daily change is our normal. A mind/heart/body/soul/spirit collaboration is holistic sensual healing. 

Sensual thinking is the simplicity of what we sense, the honesty of what we feel and the anchor of what we know from experience. There are no judgment calls, rules or limits. Instead, there is direction and we each can choose where to go.  Sensual thinking is  happening all the time. We sensually sync to unspoken attitudes. Intuitive thinking guides timing for when and how to find long-term satisfaction.

Living well is a constant blend of innovation with experience. Thinking sensually is the cohesive way we understand ourselves, each other and mission in our lives. Today, we have the best of both worlds. Curious#Happenings are multimedia, multi-sensory events around the world that bring us to our senses. 


Thinking outside the box takes courage. Learning takes an attitude of courage and isn’t limited to childhood. The easiest way to learn is through fun. Humor is a natural reset button for personal and social evolution. The Curious#Happenings are interactive theater, designed to share humor, a sense of purpose, peace of mind and the excitement of momentum. Sensual thinking is a reality check. Sensual living is connection with courage. Everyone can feel it.

Passion is creative power. Intuitive values thread through global passions. Courage, dignity, patience, tenacity and curiosity fuel our thinking as they run through our minds. Intuitive attitudes we have in common, like courage, dignity and curiosity, connect us with our dreams and each other. The way to help ourselves & our world is by realizing our dreams – and sharing them to create change together. Trusting what we have in common is the beginning of a new Humanitarian age.

Sensual thinking is the new way of taking us across the bridge between 20th century dogma to 21st century search engine thinking. We can have the best of experience and innovation. Everywhere, people are becoming braver. With character, we tap-in to natural individual creativity and maintain transparent communication. Our Lifeline is intuitive global icons.

Times change, and with change, come demands that call for social transformation. With Curious#Happenings, we are collaborating and having fun with the ease and thrill of sensual thinking to connect with innovation, focus and creativity for the common good .

It’s a growth mind-set. Things only change when we change the way we think. It’s good to know where we stand at all times. Things make sense; we all have a mission. Sensual thinking is not intellectual. It’s common sense that organically connects with character & natural inner nobility of clarity. The future is bright.

Relevant answers and new possibilities will emerge. Learning and adapting are creative and sensual. The more relaxed you are, the more observant you become & the more connected with what matters. It’s easy to make smarter, clearer decisions that get results you need.

 Sense your unique all-access pass to private satisfaction & public success. It’s time to be in sync with your dreams. By relying on global icons we trust, we think naturally with courage and dignity. We are pushing open the doors to a new Humanitarian age. Thought evolution is cool.



Hear the truth. Walk on the wild-side.

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Jane Bernard

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